Thursday, July 7, 2011

HELP HESSAH Winnnn!!! (Just 2 Little Likes on Facebook!)

Salam Aleikum it's me UmmKhaled....

Long time I know...I will be getting back to blogging. I had a biiig move and am now living in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Lots of changes...lots of news...BUT FIRST UP.........

Please help my little Hessah win the contest at Hamleys Toystore in UAE. She got her picture taken with Cars Lightening McQueen and it is on the Facebook Website....all you have to do while in your Facebook is CLICK on these 2 links...go to the first one and "LIKE" Hamleys and then go to the second link and "LIKE" Hessah's picture :) We need all the help we can get...all votes are appreciated :)

Here are the links...Jezekallah Kheir and Thankyou in advance and to those who already voted :)

Step 1. Like the Hamleys page - Click on the link below: 

Step 2. LIKE Hessahs picture - Click on the link below:

Loooove Kasey


  1. Welcome to mid east..hope when I come to al Ain we can meet up..hope all is well..waiting to hear your news..

  2. I'm in Saudi..but I do come to UAE often..however will be traveling so not for a couple a months..