Thursday, December 23, 2010

GOAL #2 REACHED! MashaAllah!

Today is a happy day for me... I have REACHED my GOAL #2! I am starting on GOAL #3! I feel like I accomplished a lot and I am really loving the way I feel about myself these days!

GOAL #1: Was to lose the 23 pounds I gained while I was in UAE for 4.5 months...anddddddddd..
UPDATE: Alllll 23 Pounds GONE!! YAY!

GOAL #2: Was to lose ANOTHER 10 pounds....and......
UPDATE: All 10 of those Pounds are GONE... Double Woohoo!


DOWN 33 Pounds since I came back from UAE...which takes my TOTAL since giving birth to Baby#3 to 49 Pounds of weight I NEVER want to see again InshaAllah!

I am now starting Goal #3...which is to lose another 10 pounds. I have not been that goal weight since a little before I got Pregnant with Baby#1 who is 8 years old now lol!  It is ABOUT TIME hehehe!

Sooooo I am satisfied with the way I look now Alhamdullilah...but I would like to be more toned and fit looking, which I think with my favorite Les Mills Classes I can achieve that InshaAllah! As soon as this holiday stuff is over I am hoping to get into the gym more. Now that I have a 2nd car it is easier for me to get to the gym now that my husband is back to work.

I also LOVE shopping again...I can remember after Baby#3 going into the stores and having to Buy L or XL shirts...and now I can pick a Small off the rack and not even try it on and I KNOW it will fit...since I am a pear shape though...I need to work on my bum and thighs hehehe but I am satisfied with how I look and enjoy getting out of the shower and getting dressed like I used to...just a few months ago, I would dread getting out of the shower because my clothes were SOOOO tight because I refused to buy a SIZE or TWO bigger after gaining that 23 pounds I would go to the bathroom and fight with my jeans to get them on....they had JUST fit me a few months ago and I worked so hard to get into them...BUT NOW...I just gave THOSE few pairs of jeans away because they were too BIG! 

So just wanted to mark my big accomplishment of GOAL #2 behind me...and now I am moving onto GOAL #3.

Thanks for reading...

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Results of my 3rd Body Composition...

Today I did my 3rd Body Composition at the gym! I am pretty happy with myself MashaAllah and I feel really great! To do my REAL comparison, I will get "Body Composition #1" (Dated: Sept 28) results from the gym, which I will try to do tomorrow :) I will also do a weight and measurement update as soon as I can. 

For today's comparison of almost 2 months of "My New Healthy Lifestyle", I have:
"Body Composition #2" (Dated: Oct 8) and "Body Composition #3" (Dated: Dec 6)

The only thing I know from BC1 is the weight so that one will be BC1-BC3 but the rest are just BC2-BC3) Here we go...

Weight Loss
(BC1-BC2 = LOSS of 22 Pounds!)

FAT %: 
(BC2-BC3 = LOSS of 10.9% of Body Fat!)

FAT Mass: 
(BC2-BC3 = LOSS of 21.79 Pounds of Fat Mass!)

FFM/Fat Free Mass: 
(BC3-BC2 =  GAIN of 5.4 Pounds of FFM!)

NOTE: Gain here in FFM is a good thing because "Fat Free Mass" is everything in the body that is NOT FAT (which consists of muscle, water, bone, connective tissue, etc.) Muscle acts as the body's natural "fat-burning engine", there fore it is important to maintain or even gain healthy muscle mass when exercising or dieting. So this # went up but that is a good thing :) More muscle = Less Fat!

TBW/Total Body Water: 
(BC3-BC2 = GAIN 4 Pounds of Water Weight)

NOTE: I think Gain here is alright, not accurate way of weight measuring because depends on time of day, time on month, how much water you recently drank, when you exercised last and stuff like that, so not that a hugely important # but someone correct me if I am wrong :)
Total Body Water is important to ensure your body is not dehydrated, especially when exercising or dieting.

To check your Body's "Estimated Hydration %" there is a little calculation:
TBW/Weight x 100 = Estimated Hydration Level

Women should be: 50-60% Hydration and Men should be: 60-70% Hydration

MY BC2 HYDRATION CALCULATION WAS: 47.6% Hydration (Not Good)

MY NEW HYDRATION CALCULATION:  55.6% Hydration (Sounds good to me!)

SO that is my little update so far! I CAN'T WAIT to see BC#1 because I can't wait to compare, I hope I can run into her at the gym tomorrow!!


GOAL #1: Was to lose the 23 pounds I gained in UAE
UPDATE: 23 Pounds GONEEEEEEEEE MashaAllah woohoo!

GOAL#2: Was to lose 10 pounds Extra
UPDATE: 5 Pounds DOWN and 5 to go!

GOAL#1 and 1/2 Way through GOAL#2 TOTAL = 28 Pounds!!

GOAL#3: Will be to lose 10 more and then I will be all set InshaAllah! :)

And on a pretty cool note (not to forget all my prior weight-loss successes)...I am DOWN 44 POUNDS since I gave birth to Baby#3 Mohammed!

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Friday, December 3, 2010

PLEASE HELP: Just 10 little Votes!! :)

Since you guys are all soooo supportive and amazing :) I was wondering:

My son's school is brand new with NO PLAYGROUND :( ....that has to be fund-raised but we have this amazing opportunity to win one! So can u guys go everyday for the next 10 days (10 of them because we only get each 10 votes) All you have to do is log in 1x/day...go to the "cause" and VOTE for it...1x/DAY! The only thing is you have to register with an email and a password but that only takes 2secs and it is so worthit if they get this could take YEARS to get one if they have to raise the money...but this is such an opportunity...let me know if you vote :)

Please, please, please, please...and come on and post everytime you vote...I want to see how many do it hehehehehe...please....please...

Here is the link:

It is idea: #5998

Thank you soooo much...all your votes are appreciated :) 11 days left to vote and 10 votes each...that could be a lot!! For our little kids :)

Spread the news!!

Looove Kasey

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trecking through GOAL #2

My Goal #2 is to lose 10 more pounds :)

So I have made a dent into.......
Goal #2 with 2 Pounds lost! 

I have 8 more pounds to go until I reached the weight I was when I got pregnant with Baby #3 (Mohammed), but my inches are better I think because I can fit into the same clothes as that time, could be all my working out! But I am happy!

Then I have a Goal #3 after that but I want to make it feel easier for myself with smaller goals. I have lost a lot since I gave birth to Mohammed. I had him May 30 of 2009. Since then I have lost 41 pounds and I am happy MashaAllah. But then I gained a bit and now I am down THAT 23 pounds and I am down an extra 2 pounds into Goal #2!


Looove Kasey

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Goal #1 REACHED!!! Bye Bye 23 Pounds! this morning I got on the scale...guess I wasn't on a plateau. I lost that last 1 Pound I was waiting for to reach GOAL #1 of losing the 23 Pounds I gained while in UAE! Sooo see ya later to those unwanted pounds...I have a ONE-UP on it too because even though I am the same weight I was when I LEFT...I am now LESS INCHES which I will post tonight. Soooo this is celebrating my 23 pound LOSS and I am so happy. I am feeling like a MILLION BUCKS...and am looking forward to the gym tonight for BodyPump with Nathalie...and RPM with Mariette. Yayy me. Off to get Khaled at school!!

Love Kaseyyyy!

They are at the Front because they are "Comfortable Enough to Be There"...

Little things can make your day...and little things people say can mean so much...and make you realize how far you have come...

I was at RPM Class today (which is the same as Spinning) pretty much! It is one of my favorite classes and I try to do a class everyday! I love the instructors I Spin with, each and every one of them are motivating and have their own way of teaching and it mixes it up for me and I never get bored. (I have to mention, we have THE most beautiful RPM room...I will talk about that in another blog post.)

I was in a rush, sadly forgot my heart rate monitor, but got past that...then I dropped the kids at the Gym Daycare and ran off to RPM Class with my Cycling Shoes already on. I got there and it was pretty full..and I always sit in the front, so I booted myself up there...I love it in the front.

So Romain (who is one of my favorite instructors) is on his bike at the front on his little stage, and the class is starting...I set up my bike quick as they are already peddling, then I realize I forgot my water...ohhh no! Try THAT class without water...but I managed, I just pretended I didn't NEED!

So there are some newbies in the class and it was quite full, so as we were warming up, Romain says...

"If you don't know what to do...just follow my speed, watch my legs and go with the same beat" and then he says...


I was thinking... I am one of the people in the front...and then, I was thinking to myself...and I AM comfortable enough to be here! Hearing THAT made me feel good because when I started...I was NOT one of the people at the front...I was at the VERYYY back! Hiding...just in case I wanted to ESCAPE! It was just something small...but when Romain said that, it made me feel like I accomplished a lot to be in that spot...realize how far i have come from the beginning. And it became one of my favorite classes from the first class I completed back in January!

He was actually my first RPM instructor too, followed by Duff as my second. They made me love RPM. Thanks to them :) Also Mariette who is a newer instructor I love to have on Thursdays...she told us at her first RPM class she walked out 15 minutes in...and now look she is teaching! My first class back in January...I had no idea what to expect, it took EVERYTHING in my mind AND body to keep myself on that bike...but afterwards I felt sooooo amazing and was surprised I could accomplish THAT, I went on to do 32 RPM classes in the first 30 days the gym was open! Such motivating people! I could write forever...but my time is limited this evening.

PLEASE if you want to open more doors for yourself and feel out Les Mills RPM classes...or ANY other Les Mills Classes...or if there are no Les Mills where you live...then try a  Spinning Class near you. You will open your mind and push your body in ways you never imagined you would! Let me know when you do and what you thought!

Find a Class near you: 

I am mad at myself for not blogging so often. I am going to. As of today I am now...

Down 22 pounds! 

I am ONE pound away from my Goal #1 of losing the weight I gained in UAE. I did my measurements today, and I will post those. I am pretty happy with them. I am just so happy with what I have been accomplishing, I have to write more about that later.

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well I was happy to see I was down another POUND this morning! EVERY little pound counts! I don't take any loss for happy to announce I am now down 21 POUNDS :) MashaAllah!

I went shopping and bought a pair of pants in a size smaller :) I had JUST bought a pair of black pants two weeks ago...I loaded the dishwasher a few days ago (wearing them) and it was the END of the liquid dishwasher squirted all over my pants and an hour later I noticed bleached spots all OVER them :( I was so upset because they were so nice and comfy and I loved them...BUT no problem because today I went to the store to get a new pair of the exact same ones...they were on SALE annnnnd I got them a SIZE SMALLER! :D

Lovin' my Scale!

Kasey UmmKhaled

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am now down...TWENTY POUNDS :)

This morning I got on the scale and I am...

Down 20 pounds :)

So I am 3 pounds away from my first goal...and then I want to lose another 10 pounds as my second goal, then I hope to lose 10 more IF I can....but I feel this is sooooo going to finally happen because of the healthy changes I have made.

I want to do my Body Composition again soon at the gym :)

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Latest Measurement Check:

It has been a few weeks since I did the measurements (I lost track of the days) and then I HOPE as I always say, to do them every week from here. The first bracket I will not put inches lost just (-In) because I will put the weekly loss in there next week.

SO below I will put my last measurement losses to date.  As you can see all the brackets with the inches I gained while away, have DISAPPEARED yay, along with a few extra Inches...really happy about that. 
Funny thing is even though my Weight shows a few more pounds than I was before I left, the Inches are smaller...meaning that EXERCISE makes a big difference in your shape, and you may weigh more than you actually look, due to being toned from weights and exercise :) Love that part!

"X" for WEIGHT is what I was from the beginning of November.
"X" for INCHES is what I was from January 5 (In brackets right after the body part is where I will eventually put the WEEKLY loss for each Week. GOT IT? :D

X = -39 Lbs. (+23 Lbs. GAIN while I was away! YUCK!) (-19 Lbs. since Round 2 started)

So in those 6 weeks of ROUND ONE I lost: 15 Lbs.
Approx. 3 months for ROUND TWO's loss of: 19 Lbs.

Measurements: 42 days in Round 1 to lose the TOTAL Inches below, and ALL the red (brackets) have now disappeared, meaning I am the SAME as when I left OR smaller in those areas, so yayyyy! :)
Right Arm (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.25 In
Left Arm (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.25 In
Bust (- In) so TOTAL= X - 4.5 In
Under Bust (-In) so TOTAL = X - 5.0 In
Waist (-In) so TOTAL = X - 5.0 In
Belly Button (-In) so TOTAL = X - 6.5 In
Hips (- In) so TOTAL = X - 5.0 In
Bum (-In) so TOTAL = X - 3.50 In
Right Thigh (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.50 In
Left Thigh (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.0 In
Right Calf (-In) so TOTAL = X - 1.0 In
Left Calf (-In) so TOTAL = X - 1.0 In
--------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
TOTAL GAIN = 20.5 Inches (waaah) - Round 2 LOSS so far = -27 Inches 
 So according to my NEW Inches I am DOWN an EXTRA 6.5 Inches!!!!! (than I was before I left!)


WEEK 6 TOTAL = 4.25 Inches
WEEK 5 TOTAL = 5.75 Inches
WEEK 4 TOTAL = 4.75 Inches
WEEK 3 TOTAL = 7.25 Inches
WEEK 2 TOTAL = -7.75 Inches
WEEK 1 TOTAL = - 6.25 Inches
GRAND TOTAL  of  ROUND 1= - 36 Inches

 I will do my total grand total so far next time I guess. Too many calculations for my head!
Measurements are from the day I started working out (Jan 2010), and NOT from the beginning...I did not measure back then because I was not wanting to know...but now I am past and DONE WITH what I gained in UAE over that 4.5 months and on my way back to "Pre-Baby #3 weight"...working towards "Weight I met my Husband At" which doesn't feel THAT far away anymore with this new HEALTHY EATING plan! 

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled

Weight Update....

In the next post I will update the inches because it has been a loooong time since I did that...but here is the weight part again: 

X = Original after Baby #3 weight
-39 Lbs. (Which I lost from Nov 2009-Feb2010)
THEN, I went to UAE for 4.5 months and: +23 Lbs. GAIN!! YUCK!
Came back to Canada and few weeks later I was back at the gym...and NOW I am down -19 pounds total since being back!

So new FORMULA: 
 X -39Lbs + 23Lbs - 19 Lbs 

Complicated or what? Long story short I am ONLY 4 Lbs. away from what I was before I went away :) so I have lost 19 of the pounds I gained in UAE! MashaAllah!
Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waist-to-Hip Ratio...did you ever check?


I have always heared of BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculations, but I came across "Waist-to-Hip Ratio Calculator" on and it is so neat. I haven't done that calculation until today! You guys should check it out for those who are health conscious. It shows your health risk, because a lot of the time for BMI, it may not give a true readout because some people have a lot of muscle which weighs more than fat but they are leaner. And the BMI Calculator measures weight and height and does a calculation. But I can attest that is wrong because I am wearing clothing from when I was 10 pounds smaller but my BMI looks different but, now I know I have more muscle because I strength train pretty much everyday and I can see my muscles...and feelthem in there. So I think for health risk this is a good calculation.

So I did mine and I got: 

Your waist-to-hip ratio: 0.72

Result: Estimated Health Risk:  Estimated Body Shape:
0.80 or below Low Pear


Since storing excessive fat in the abdominal region (known as the "apple" shape) is correlated with an increased disease risk, this test is one way to measure your risk for lifestyle and weight-related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and more. Storing fat in your lower half, known as a "Pear" shape, is actually a healthier site for fat accumulation. The less common "avocado" shape is somewhere between an apple and a pear, with health risks higher than a pear-shaped person, but somewhat lower than a true apple-shaped person. 

So I am a PEAR...I knew that hehehe

Pear Shape (Low Health Risk)
If you’re a pear shape, you tend to carry most of your weight in your hips, thighs and buttocks. Storing fat in your lower half is actually a healthier site for fat accumulation. Research shows that storing fat here may actually protect you against cardiovascular disease. In one study of 1,356 women, ages 60-85, Danish researchers found that those with excessive fat in the arms, legs, hips and buttocks had less atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) than those who stored most fat in their abdominal area and other central parts of the body.

The other shapes are Apple and can read more HERE at SparkPeople 

So this is just another little tool I found.... I just love SparkPeople! (Info from SP)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Down Again... what?!?!?! (MashaAllah)

So as my usual morning routine I got on the scale this morning...expecting no change since I had lost 2 pounds yesterday! (I was actually checking that it stayed) but... to my surprise I was down ANOTHER pound!

 This is the KEY...

Healthy Eating + Exercise + Happy & Positive Attitude = SUCCESS and WEIGHT-LOSS!

Since I came back from UAE I am:

DOWN 17 POUNDS!!! MashaAllah! 

I still have more I want to lose but I was so surprised! This HEALTHY EATING and NOT starving stuff REALLY works!!! Wow! Now, I wake up and look forward to eating a yummy, healthy, and FILLING breakfast. I make my breakfast NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED, including whole grain carbs of some type, some protein, and some fats (which we need), and coffee of course. I try to make my breakfast the first thing I do and the biggest meal of the day.


Wake up...have a coffee, starve all day...lacking nutrients, crabby because I am hungry but scared to eat anything thinking I will get fat....only to crash after all my exercise, which lead to eating goodies late at night!Causing the under-nourished, hard to lose weight and yo-yo weight effect!
Hard on the body & mind!  <---- Sooo WRONG!


Wake up, look forward to a yummy, healthy, filling breakfast anddd a coffee...leading to a good mood, MORE weight-loss, NEVER feeling hungry and always satisfied. I even eat the goodies I crave in small amounts and STILL LOSE! It is amazing. Then I have snacks and a yummy lunch and dinner and some more snacks. Now I look way fresher, fitter, I have way more energy to bun those calories, I am a happier, I am EVEN working out myself breaks my body NEEDS to regenerate when before I was breaking it down. So this is the new me!

The smarter, wiser me (who learned the hard way and glad that is over) I have found something that works and it is EASY...and non-restrictive.  <----- Soooo RIGHT! 

BIG MOTIVATOR:  My heart rate monitor/watch "The SUUNTO" is a HUGE motivator for me. I put it on for all my classes and walks and I push myself harder each class to see if I can out-do the last time. Lift my knees higher, never stop and just keep going, punch and kick higher and harder, whatever it takes. And it is fun and rewarding! I definitely say to all "GO GET ONE"

Just wanted to give you guys some ideas on how to do it right, I learned the hard way, but you have to do it wrong to realize what is right!

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is YOUR Diet Personality??

So I was on my new "tool" for "Weight-Loss Success", and I am reading articles and entering my days activities and nutrition. I came across "The SparkPeople Diet Personality Profiler" and I did the quiz. It tells you what your "Diet Personality" is, and what diet strategies will work for you, which is pretty helpful, and also tells you tips for success. My profile was soooooo correct. You may have to sign-up but it is so worth it. Check it out! I love it and I am definitely
having success in my 22 days of being a "Spark Gal"


I got: 

Emotional Eater 

I will add the information tomorrow because it was not working for me when I put it up for some reason. It was too wide to get all the article. 

Weight-Loss Update! Since I have been back....

I am writing a little Weight-Loss Update for since I have been back. Remember I went to UAE and gained 23 Pounds in 4 months?!?!?! :O

Well of that 23 Pounds I gained....I am now:

DOWN 16 POUNDS!!!!! WoooHooo! MashaAllah!

So I am pretty happy with myself. Of that 23 Pounds I gained, I have only 7 Pounds to go...and then I want to lose more of course, but I feel much better and I feel like I can succeed and reach my goal InshaAllah!

So off I go to the gym for 45min. BodyStep, 55min. RPM and then 1Hour BodyCombat :)

All of a sudden, these days, I am in love with BodyCombat! Yesterday in BodyCombat my heart rate monitor read 601 Calories and in RPM Class I burned 501 Calories :) I also did BodyPump and burned 360 Calories. So I am loving my heart rate monitor because it give me A LOT of motivation!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emirati Style Jalabiyas

I was reading Khaleejia's Blog and she gave me an idea to post my Emirati-Style Jalabiyas. Now I think they are actually called "Muhawar" according to her blog, but someone correct me if I am wrong. Funny I don't know the actual name... I am married to an Emirati, and have gotten many of them made for my little old self.

When I first went to UAE and my Mother in Law and Sister in Laws were wanting me to go get some made, I was thinking in my Canadian head...No wayyyyyyyyy....I thought they were pretty but totally not my style. They were telling me to get some to wear to Auntie's homes and visiting. So anyways I gave in and went to choose material to bring to the tailors and chose some designs.

Here are a few from my "Collectione Personale" LOL "My Personal Collection":

So this one above is one of my newer ones. I just made it in February. I got it made at a place in Al-Ain. Pictured is the front and the sleeve. The colors are pretty and feminine. In the material which you cannot really see from the pics, it faintly has gold in the print.

This one above is my blues and purples one that my Mother in Law had made for me because we were going to be there for Eid. I love this one too. I like blues and purples and I had THE perfect house shalya for it and matched amazingly. I don't have a picture of the house shayla though, it is still in UAE. I left most of my jalabiyas there in my closet waiting for me. I only brought a few here to Canada.

This one above is another one my Mother in Law got made for me. It is not my usual colors that I choose as I am not an orange/red lover but it is cute on. The neckline is nice and it has fuzzy velvet detailing with gold threading. It has different sleeves which are a little looser than the traditional Emirati ones. (Sorry I don't know how to rotate the top picture but you get the idea)


This one above in purples, pinks, blues, greens and oranges (just about everything lol) I loved the material and my Mother in Law and Sister in Law had this design with different material, from Sharqiya (a tailor) in Al-Ain. I loved the design and I chose this material for it. It looks really nice on. The second picture is of the sleeve. (Sorry about the sideways pictures again) The last picture is a sideways closeup of the front. Such a funny thing about this design. I came back here to Canada and was having dinner with some Emirati friends who are the wives of some guys that work with my hubby. One of the girls brought out her favorite jalabiya in oranges and I was like "I have the SAME ONE...really I do!" But different colors, and I showed her the pic on my Blackberry. Because they were asking me if I like them. I guess I do!

I call the one above "My Christmas One" LOL Because when I chose the material...I loved it SOOooooo has nice shiny gold in the material but very faint. Anyways I went to the tailors to get it made and usually the tailor pics the thread colors for the front and the sleeves with what they think will look nice. Well it does look nice but I would have chose another color like the purple for the flowers, but it grew on me and I do love it. I even bought my Mom this material and she is making a dress for herself. Not a jalabiya...just a cute summer dress.  I think I got this one at Sharqiya in Al-Ain.

This one above, is one of my favorites and my daughter Hessah has the same one to match, but hers was so small they made it in what they call "teba" meaning "same-same design" (which is the stitching matches the design on the material on the front and sleeves) I just love this one, it is so feminine and shiny fushia tinted lip gloss goes so lovely with it. If you look closely, there is faint white sticching throughout in a design. It is really faint though, I do not know what that kind of detailing is called but it is on the material when you buy it. I think I got this one at Sharqiya in Al-Ain as well.

This one above, in browns and fushia is my daughter Hessah's. It is in the "teba" or "same same design" you can see here the stitching is done in the same design as the material. I love this type of design and I have a few like it.

This pink and teal one above is also one of my daughter Hessah's. It is in the "teba" or "same same design" as well. Very cute on her. She is 3 years old. She really loves them. When she wears them she says "I look like Mommy and Yedeti" (Yedeti means grandmother in arabic)

LoooooL as you can see...this one above, is a breast-feeding one! I got this made when I was breastfeeding Hessah, so it is an older one of mine. I am not a fan of white dresses, but I liked the material because it had the faint white detailing throughout it. So ya know how the Breastfeeding ones look...there is a different way they can look to where the cut is on the side. Anyways I don't wear this one anymore, even though I am still breastfeeding my son now, but something about that slit, I don't know lol!

My Mom when she is in UAE, she wears my jalabiyas and she looks soooooo CUTE! Even here in Canada, she wears her house jalabiyas as pajamas and just hanging around her house! I have more and I will post some more pictures. But they are in UAE and not here. But, I do have some pics of some of my Abayyas. I will post later.

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oooohhh I blew it...but it is ONLY one day...

OMGosh...I was doing alright today...I was in my calorie range but I had some bad things in coffees with cream and sugar and some Timbits mini donuts. Needless to say I was feeling a little like crap...but I WAS still in my calorie range so I fluffed it off thinking "tomorrow is a new day" and it is the worst I did since I started my SparkPeople.

THEN while my hubby, my father and my son Khaled came home from their night out at the bowling alley, they brought a few things HOME with them. Awww man! It was a really yummy Honey Cake and fave is this Papa John's BBQ Chicken Pizza and I had 2 slices! And then I had several "slivers" of cake. Ahhhhh I feel soooo crappy. I just hope to wake up and have a good day tomorrow. But oh well...tomorrow is a new day!

Hope this doesn't get stored as fat :)

Love Kasey

Friday, October 15, 2010

My ABSOLUTE favorite perfume ever!

I thought, since on the topic of perfumes, I would share my absolute favorite perfume ever and I never tire of it. It is called L'eau de Amouage and it is amazing! I finished my whole bottle, and now I have none left. I can't find it anymore. In United Arab Emirates you can only get it at Paris Gallery, but I think I can get it online. IF anyone knows where I can find it, please tell me. They discontinued it and I love it too much!

L'Eau de Amouage by Amouage

Eau d`Amouage by Amouage is a oriental floral fragrance for women. Eau d`Amouage was launched in 2003. Top notes are peach, papaya and mango; middle notes are peony, magnolia and ylang-ylang; base notes are sandalwood, amber, musk and vetiver.

top notes
middle notes
base notes


Information from: Fragrantica

So that is my favorite perfume in the whole wide world. I keep the bottle and smell it from time to time, until I can get myself another few bottles. 

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

What type of Perfume suits me? Quiz by Marie Claire

I was reading on Mrs. Handbag's blog The Handbag Confessions and she suggested we try this "Frangrance Finder" at Marie Claire (Quiz here)

So I took you up on that offer Mrs. Handbag, and here are my results. I must say some of those questions I could have chose more than one but I went with my first instincts :) I got the same first set as Mrs. Handbag.

You might like Floral Fragrances

Classic taste and style are your hallmarks, and we're betting that you're often described as elegant, charming, and sweet. So it seems only right for you to wear a scent that is as timeless as you. Floral fragrances, which are often associated with romance and femininity, can feature a single bloom or contain an entire bouquet of jasmine, rose, white peony, gardenia, and/or tuberose. Depending on what other aromas they're mixed with, these fragrances can be very flowery, soft and powdery, light and fruity, or even sweet and spicy.

The only one I have owned and loved from this collection chosen for me to try is Ralph Lauren Romance which I had about seven years ago. I loved it. Now I must go smell the others!

Stella by Stella McCartney  
Ralph Lauren Romance
  J'adore by Christian Dior     

You might also like Fresh Fragrances

Energetic, low-maintenance, and fun are three words that people typically use to describe you. You're equal parts grown-up tomboy and flirty heartbreaker. This indicates you need an effervescent sparkling scent to match your outgoing personality. "Fresh" scents are loaded with zesty fruits, such as lemon, lime, and grapefruit, plus crisp greens, such as fresh-cut grass and violet leaves. Some also have refreshing water-based aromas, reminiscent of the beach.

So these are the second set chosen for me to try and I have never smelled any of them so I must go check them out.

Beach by Bobbi Brown
L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake
                                       Au The Vert Bvlgari (The = tea)
 Happy perfume hunting...and try the quiz it was very interesting.
Thanks for the link Mrs. Handbag.

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am LOVING my new....

 SUUNTO M4 Heart Rate Monitor/Watch! 

I have been really wanting a Heart Rate Monitor/Watch (pictured at right) with a Chest Strap to monitor my Heart Rate and how many Calories I burn in my workouts because I have been guessing from "averages" I was reading online. So NOW that I have my new SUUNTO M4 I am all set! It also is a pretty nice looking sporty watch and adds to my cool factor at the gym LOL...JK!  :) I bought it for around $169.99 so about $190.00 with tax.

Yesterday hubby and I went to Coast Mountain Sports now called Atmosphere and I chose the beautiful black one with fushia around the inside :) I love it because I love pink and my new-ish Adidas Climacool Sneakers are Fushia as well! I almost ALWAYS wear total black at the gym hheheheSLIMMING! because it is So anyways...I am just in love with it and I am so excited to see how many calories I burn in my beloved LesMills Classes. I do have to update my workouts I know.

Well I am off to get Khaled at school...a little walk to add to my workout off I go :)

Love UmmKhaled