Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Latest Measurement Check:

It has been a few weeks since I did the measurements (I lost track of the days) and then I HOPE as I always say, to do them every week from here. The first bracket I will not put inches lost just (-In) because I will put the weekly loss in there next week.

SO below I will put my last measurement losses to date.  As you can see all the brackets with the inches I gained while away, have DISAPPEARED yay, along with a few extra Inches...really happy about that. 
Funny thing is even though my Weight shows a few more pounds than I was before I left, the Inches are smaller...meaning that EXERCISE makes a big difference in your shape, and you may weigh more than you actually look, due to being toned from weights and exercise :) Love that part!

"X" for WEIGHT is what I was from the beginning of November.
"X" for INCHES is what I was from January 5 (In brackets right after the body part is where I will eventually put the WEEKLY loss for each Week. GOT IT? :D

X = -39 Lbs. (+23 Lbs. GAIN while I was away! YUCK!) (-19 Lbs. since Round 2 started)

So in those 6 weeks of ROUND ONE I lost: 15 Lbs.
Approx. 3 months for ROUND TWO's loss of: 19 Lbs.

Measurements: 42 days in Round 1 to lose the TOTAL Inches below, and ALL the red (brackets) have now disappeared, meaning I am the SAME as when I left OR smaller in those areas, so yayyyy! :)
Right Arm (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.25 In
Left Arm (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.25 In
Bust (- In) so TOTAL= X - 4.5 In
Under Bust (-In) so TOTAL = X - 5.0 In
Waist (-In) so TOTAL = X - 5.0 In
Belly Button (-In) so TOTAL = X - 6.5 In
Hips (- In) so TOTAL = X - 5.0 In
Bum (-In) so TOTAL = X - 3.50 In
Right Thigh (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.50 In
Left Thigh (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.0 In
Right Calf (-In) so TOTAL = X - 1.0 In
Left Calf (-In) so TOTAL = X - 1.0 In
--------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
TOTAL GAIN = 20.5 Inches (waaah) - Round 2 LOSS so far = -27 Inches 
 So according to my NEW Inches I am DOWN an EXTRA 6.5 Inches!!!!! (than I was before I left!)


WEEK 6 TOTAL = 4.25 Inches
WEEK 5 TOTAL = 5.75 Inches
WEEK 4 TOTAL = 4.75 Inches
WEEK 3 TOTAL = 7.25 Inches
WEEK 2 TOTAL = -7.75 Inches
WEEK 1 TOTAL = - 6.25 Inches
GRAND TOTAL  of  ROUND 1= - 36 Inches

 I will do my total grand total so far next time I guess. Too many calculations for my head!
Measurements are from the day I started working out (Jan 2010), and NOT from the beginning...I did not measure back then because I was not wanting to know...but now I am past and DONE WITH what I gained in UAE over that 4.5 months and on my way back to "Pre-Baby #3 weight"...working towards "Weight I met my Husband At" which doesn't feel THAT far away anymore with this new HEALTHY EATING plan! 

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. U r a true inspiration..I'm trying so hard to lose weight ..baby now6 months..ieat healthy but noooo time for exercise Coz I live in Saudi where gyms close early and no-good..also am a doc and have crazy hours..I'm going home to south africa for20 days and plan to join gym with a personal trainer ..hope to Lose inches. Especially tummy Coz alhamdulilah butock back to normal..just tummy and waist..how much fo u think I can do??inches wise

  2. Ohhh you can lose inches really fast. Do weight-training and try to find classes you love! Try logging your calories with www.sparkpeople.com it is soooo fun I am on there and I am now down 20 pounds in a short period of time. 15 or more pounds in the last month alone! Key s eat healthy...have a nice full breakfast...lots of fiber, legumes and beans. Water and don't deprive yourself. On sparkpeople you can log it all and put in a goal date to lose X amount of weight by X date and it will tell you how many calories etc to eat and you don't have to exercise. But for feeling great and added inches...toned look get a treadmill and do cardio and some small weights :) Good Luck...I learned a lot on sparkpeople.com

    What field of medicine are you in? My husband is doctor too...

  3. Dentistry.,I'm married to a Saudi and living there Now..was in al Ain for abput4to 5 years and have very good emirate friends..still go back to visit often..is your hubby specializing there..and in what field..I hope I can lose some inches in2weeks..will let u know

  4. Oh that is interesting...I used to be a Dental Assistant :) Yes he is here studied science degree and medicine here in Canada and now in his last year of a 5 year Anesthesia Residency. We will live in Al Ain. Will you be back to the UAE anytime sooN? Where are you originally from? Good Luck on the weight-loss...the key is really healthy and clean eating :)

  5. Well I'm from south africa..going home for eid holidays but inshallah will go to al Ain in feb..Ohhh wow what a coincidence.. Will he work at tawam hospital...Thats where I worked..om fact the head of the dental assistants is austrailian married to a local emirate..I have 2 very very giod dental asisstant friends who r Canadian..one is in Calgary..the other became Muslim And is working here in Riyadh..very nice to meet u..I hope i lose weight..hope to meet u..if u want I will give I my emAil..it's nanusa73@yahoo.co.uk

  6. Ohh how exciting. I would love to meet ya one day. I may be in UAE February you never know. I am not sure which hospital but my friend from Toronto her hubby was is a dentist and was working at Tawam a while back :) I would love to meet your friend in AlAin the dental asst :) Soo coollll I will email ya :)