Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is YOUR Diet Personality??

So I was on my new "tool" for "Weight-Loss Success" www.sparkpeople.com, and I am reading articles and entering my days activities and nutrition. I came across "The SparkPeople Diet Personality Profiler" and I did the quiz. It tells you what your "Diet Personality" is, and what diet strategies will work for you, which is pretty helpful, and also tells you tips for success. My profile was soooooo correct. You may have to sign-up but it is so worth it. Check it out! I love it and I am definitely
having success in my 22 days of being a "Spark Gal"


I got: 

Emotional Eater 

I will add the information tomorrow because it was not working for me when I put it up for some reason. It was too wide to get all the article. 


  1. Loved this lol, totally accurate =) I'm a fast fueler! not good haha

  2. A fast fueler hehe...funny. I am the all or nothing emotional eater...like either I am doing VERY well and giving my all...OR doing bad and eating ALL the goodies. Mostly sweets are my weakness, as it is with us EE's :)