Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oooohhh I blew it...but it is ONLY one day...

OMGosh...I was doing alright today...I was in my calorie range but I had some bad things in coffees with cream and sugar and some Timbits mini donuts. Needless to say I was feeling a little like crap...but I WAS still in my calorie range so I fluffed it off thinking "tomorrow is a new day" and it is the worst I did since I started my SparkPeople.

THEN while my hubby, my father and my son Khaled came home from their night out at the bowling alley, they brought a few things HOME with them. Awww man! It was a really yummy Honey Cake and fave is this Papa John's BBQ Chicken Pizza and I had 2 slices! And then I had several "slivers" of cake. Ahhhhh I feel soooo crappy. I just hope to wake up and have a good day tomorrow. But oh well...tomorrow is a new day!

Hope this doesn't get stored as fat :)

Love Kasey

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