Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weight-Loss Update! Since I have been back....

I am writing a little Weight-Loss Update for since I have been back. Remember I went to UAE and gained 23 Pounds in 4 months?!?!?! :O

Well of that 23 Pounds I gained....I am now:

DOWN 16 POUNDS!!!!! WoooHooo! MashaAllah!

So I am pretty happy with myself. Of that 23 Pounds I gained, I have only 7 Pounds to go...and then I want to lose more of course, but I feel much better and I feel like I can succeed and reach my goal InshaAllah!

So off I go to the gym for 45min. BodyStep, 55min. RPM and then 1Hour BodyCombat :)

All of a sudden, these days, I am in love with BodyCombat! Yesterday in BodyCombat my heart rate monitor read 601 Calories and in RPM Class I burned 501 Calories :) I also did BodyPump and burned 360 Calories. So I am loving my heart rate monitor because it give me A LOT of motivation!

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