Saturday, January 29, 2011

When you feel like giving up...

As I get closer to my goal weight, the weight loss is much slower, which also sometimes makes me feel like I am not doing as good as I was. You get "little whispers" creeping in telling you, "You are Failing" or "You are slipping" (Not literal whispers hehe no worries) It is kind of frustrating, but I DO know, and I DO realize that weight can't keep dropping off at a staggering rate because that would be unhealthy!  The closer you do get to your ideal weight, it is not as easy to lose, it takes more work! I also feel a lot more muscle and can see it too, and muscle weighs more than fat so that is a good thing! Right? :)

But still, we are always striving for perfection! 

I just have to remember!...A few short months ago, I would have done anything to have the body I have now, so I am not gonna let this little Plateau stop me and bring me down! 

I have already succeeded in ways I felt were impossible when I started this journey! I am writing it here so I can move forward and get past the next step...because "Dreams not written down are just Wishes" and I believe this. 

For the past few days I have felt like everything was going down, and it was all going to come back because I had a few goodies...but I worked way too hard and still do for it to all come back. So I have to get those ideas out of my head...and move forward. I am definitely not going to let those thoughts ruin everything for the sake of a few "down days" I am proud of what I have accomplished and looking back on when I started....I didn't think I could get "HERE" annnnd... "Here I am!" 

Today I woke up at 7:45am on a rainy Saturday morning...everyone else was asleep, and I hopped on down to the gym even though my bed was so warm and cozy! I had a "Major Sweaty" 1Hour BodyStep Class with Mariette & Stacy teaching, they are really high energy and I love their classes! Then, followed that with a gruelling 1Hour BodyPump with Romain, and I challenged myself this time by adding more weights than usual, and in turn I felt I got more of a workout, and burned more calories than I usually do in the class! Right before the class started... A "Little Ray of Sunshine" with her Big Smile walked in! That would be Elly, and she set her bench up next to mine :D What a great morning! What a great way to start the day!

1Hour BodyStep (509 Calories)
1Hour BodyPump (393 Calories)

1Hour BodyJam (470 calories)

The quote at the top of the page is JUST what I needed today! We can do it girls!

Well off to enjoy the day...have to put the baby for his nap so I can clean the house a little. I might even try to make it back tonight for BodyJam! One of my new favorite classes! I already had my 2Hours of exercise today, so I won't push it if my hubby wants to do some other things today. Sometimes we have to give a little to get a little and I already took mine today, so I can't have it my way all the time :) Have to be happy with what I have!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Workouts catch-up!

Well I didn't post my last few days workouts but here they are, for the record :)

1Hour BodyAttack (484 Calories)
1Hour ZUMBA! (415 Calories)

Day Off - There was a "Soup & Stories" Event at Khaled's School and we had fun!

1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour ZUMBA!
(Forgot my HR Monitor so I don't know the Calories, I felt soooo naked!)

Overall had a good few days, but I have to UP this as I am gonna do a "10 Pound Challenge" with Veronica!! We are gonna get liftin' some heavy weights and see how if that gets me past this plateau!

Love UmmKhaled

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks Elly...

Awwww my little gym buddy Elly brought me back a beautiful gift from her trip to Mexico! It is a beautiful little decorative bowl and it is so shiny! I will take a picture and post it. I was so touched that she thought of me, while she was away enjoying the sun and the beach...and also, her little daughter Becca thought of Hessah and got her a little gift too that she chose on her own! Those two little girls love each other and they are so cute together! They love "Ba-Torton's" (aka Tim Hortons) they like to go "all together" and sit and have donuts! Awww little girls are so sweet!

This is for all my little you girls!

The gym suuuure was lonely without Elly, you could feel that she is back it feels complete. Her smile and personality light up the gym and everyone knows her just by Elly :) Thanks my friend! 2011 is going to be our year to shine and look amazing! InshaAllah (God Willing)

At the gym today, I was so happy that Charissa and Joanne saved me a seat at the front in Romain's class, because it was an AWESOME RPM class as usual, this was my 3rd time doing the New Release and I like it! Elly & I missed the last 10 mins of BodyCombat because the class started late and then the childcare closed right at 8:30pm. The New Release is TOUGH! I mean the leg track is just unbelievable! This was my 3rd time doing the BodyCombat release.

I didn't mention, but we have an amazing new RPM instructor named Ari, she is loved by all the members, I wonder if she even knows how many people have said "She's the BEST!" so much energy and just a great instructor! Another nice thing is that you always see her actually participating in the other classes, and that is always nice to see. Tuesday is our "Double-Romain Night" and his classes are really top-notch and hard to skip! I do miss going to Duff's extended class on Monday's, because I was doing the BodyAttack class with his wife Nathalie for a while, and then I showed up last night and he was not teaching the extended class anymore :( I am gonna ask him WHAT'S UP? :P


53min. RPM (494 Calories)
53min. BodyCombat (495 Calories)
93min. Walk to school, to eat at Subway and then back home (Enter cals later)

So that was my day....I had a nice little day but I did eat waaaaaaaaaaay too many goodies and hope to redeem myself for the rest of the week!! :)

Loooove Kasey

Monday, January 24, 2011

I want to start logging everyday again :)

With THAT SAID...I want to try to stick to that...I liked having it on here. I am logging everything on SparkPeople still and have been all along...but I like to have it on here too. SO here is my little....


--> Since coming back from UAE in July 2010, I have....
       Lost 37 Pounds!! Woohoo! As of today!

--> Since I started logging everything on Spark People, end of September I have:
       Lost 32 Pounds!! YAY Spark People!

--> Since 6 weeks post birth of Baby #3, (Born May 30 '09) I have:
      Lost 52 Pounds!! Woooo hoooo!

--> CRAZY THING is: I lost 23 Lbs 2X lol, and 7 Lbs 2X and another 5 Lbs 2X LOL Those were my ups and downs along the way :) learning curves we shall call them! But alas...they are OFF for good now InshaAllah (God Wiilling)

COULD already be at my Goal of a few more pounds but, I am really happy with what I have acoomplished so far and I would not really change any of that if I could go back! Wanna know why???? Because ,it took me gaining back that 23 Lbs, while away in UAE...coming back and losing 10 Lbs only to gain 5 Lbs of it back because I was under-eating and over-training, which made me so depressed about my weight that I found what really worked for me! Learning curves are good and definetly taught me you have to eat healthy to fuel your body AND workout to attain your Health & Weight-Loss Goals the RIGHT way! Now I know how to make it successful and I won't ever InshaAllah find myself back where I was!

Ohhh went to the SUN RUN Training on Sunday morning and followed that by BodyCombat...when we did the try-on for the Sun Run Shirts I got a SMALL! Woohoo! Woooooohoooo! I even tried it on over the shirt I was wearing :) Can't wait until it comes in :)


45min. BodyPump (Will add cals)
63min. RPM Extreme (674 Calories)

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled

Saturday, January 22, 2011

10km VANCOUVER SUN RUN...and Me????

I am proud to announce that on April 17, 2011 I will be participating in the famous "10 km Vancouver Sun Run" thanks to one of my lovely gym buddies Joanne!

Although I am nervous because I have never ran for any length of time (except for many years ago when I was in the Canadian Army Reserves, and I must add I kind of had a running phobia back then lol... *something about being scared to "fall-out" but it was more of a FORCED TO RUN thing rather than doing it FOR FUN...kind of cause that lol*

So my friend Joanne WON entry packages and FREE TRAINING once a week for Her and a Guest and she asked meee to be her Guest...Awww I am very touched that she chose me... and I would actually never have done anything like this anytime soon on my own, but this is the perfect way to challenge myself, and this is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to get a photo of myself with a # on my Chest LOL! You know, the cool running pictures many of you runners have! Sooooo gonna have one now ;)

So...all signed up and now what??!!?? Well, we start our Weekly Training TOMORROW Morning @8:30am! Great place too as it is sooo close to our BELOVED GYM! It is only about a block away, so once we are finished the training we can hop over to the gym...warm up in the Sauna, and then get a BodyCombat class awesome is that? Pretty Awesome!

I have to go and get a good running jacket, a warm head band and maybe some new runners, because we will be training outside for the run, so I need to have some nice clean, dry sneakers for the gym, and I don't want to use the same ones as it is wet and chilly here in Vancouver, British Columbia!

So every Sunday from NOW until APRIL 17th, I am going to commit myself to this goal right next to my gym buddy Joanne...I am nervous and I hope I can do it! I think my heart and lungs are well conditioned because I do a lot of Cardio Classes....

Any of you runners, please give me all the advice you think will help me...I am a first-timer and I need all the tips I can get!

The count-down begins...