Saturday, January 29, 2011

When you feel like giving up...

As I get closer to my goal weight, the weight loss is much slower, which also sometimes makes me feel like I am not doing as good as I was. You get "little whispers" creeping in telling you, "You are Failing" or "You are slipping" (Not literal whispers hehe no worries) It is kind of frustrating, but I DO know, and I DO realize that weight can't keep dropping off at a staggering rate because that would be unhealthy!  The closer you do get to your ideal weight, it is not as easy to lose, it takes more work! I also feel a lot more muscle and can see it too, and muscle weighs more than fat so that is a good thing! Right? :)

But still, we are always striving for perfection! 

I just have to remember!...A few short months ago, I would have done anything to have the body I have now, so I am not gonna let this little Plateau stop me and bring me down! 

I have already succeeded in ways I felt were impossible when I started this journey! I am writing it here so I can move forward and get past the next step...because "Dreams not written down are just Wishes" and I believe this. 

For the past few days I have felt like everything was going down, and it was all going to come back because I had a few goodies...but I worked way too hard and still do for it to all come back. So I have to get those ideas out of my head...and move forward. I am definitely not going to let those thoughts ruin everything for the sake of a few "down days" I am proud of what I have accomplished and looking back on when I started....I didn't think I could get "HERE" annnnd... "Here I am!" 

Today I woke up at 7:45am on a rainy Saturday morning...everyone else was asleep, and I hopped on down to the gym even though my bed was so warm and cozy! I had a "Major Sweaty" 1Hour BodyStep Class with Mariette & Stacy teaching, they are really high energy and I love their classes! Then, followed that with a gruelling 1Hour BodyPump with Romain, and I challenged myself this time by adding more weights than usual, and in turn I felt I got more of a workout, and burned more calories than I usually do in the class! Right before the class started... A "Little Ray of Sunshine" with her Big Smile walked in! That would be Elly, and she set her bench up next to mine :D What a great morning! What a great way to start the day!

1Hour BodyStep (509 Calories)
1Hour BodyPump (393 Calories)

1Hour BodyJam (470 calories)

The quote at the top of the page is JUST what I needed today! We can do it girls!

Well off to enjoy the day...have to put the baby for his nap so I can clean the house a little. I might even try to make it back tonight for BodyJam! One of my new favorite classes! I already had my 2Hours of exercise today, so I won't push it if my hubby wants to do some other things today. Sometimes we have to give a little to get a little and I already took mine today, so I can't have it my way all the time :) Have to be happy with what I have!


  1. ma sha' Allah kasey! You're really an inspiration. I hope I will be successful as you have in sha' Allah. <3

  2. Mashallah...don't worry..u will not put on is about up and downs so give your self a break and don't be so hard in yourself...u have achieved alot and will exercise has to stop ciz I'm pregnant which us great ciz I wanna have my kids and then concentrate on myself..pray fir me i have difficult and hard 9months with injecting myself daily with heparin...but alhamdulilah im very grateful to Allah fir what he has given me...I'm off to UAE Tom do take care..

  3. Salaam sis. I just wanted to say because I was inspired by your success it made me start thinking about my weight issue (nice way of saying too fat!lol) and I finally started WW. I tried sparkpeople but I really need the accountability factor.

    I am curious about one thing with you. You are working out sooo much burning at least 1,000 calories on those days. I can't understand how you are not losing? That's really alot of movement sis. :-)

    We alhamdulillah have a gym here in my apt complex on my floor 5 doors down from where I live! I never went until last week and I went one day then didn't return. Insha'Allah I'll do more now?

    Ma salaama....

  4. Ohh Nanusa! Mabroook on the pregnancy and hope it is a really healthy and easy pregnancy and delivery InshaAllah! :) Great news.

    UmmAaminah..well I am burning a lot and my calories per day eating never exceed 1500...usually about 1200 a day. But since I already lost 37 pounds in the last 4 months and I am only a few pounds (10ish) from my ultimate goal it is harder to lose. I need to do something different or start doing less cardio and more weights. If you ever need help or encouragement I am here for you. I hope this stall is gaining muscle or something. I wear small shirts and bought an xs the other day :) but I have to lost 10 more to fit in the size I want I think :) I just bought some small workout pants, but I have a lot of firming to do and I am not focused on pounds so much anymore...but 10 should do it...15 would be awesome :) Wishing you all the best in your jouney :)