Saturday, January 22, 2011

10km VANCOUVER SUN RUN...and Me????

I am proud to announce that on April 17, 2011 I will be participating in the famous "10 km Vancouver Sun Run" thanks to one of my lovely gym buddies Joanne!

Although I am nervous because I have never ran for any length of time (except for many years ago when I was in the Canadian Army Reserves, and I must add I kind of had a running phobia back then lol... *something about being scared to "fall-out" but it was more of a FORCED TO RUN thing rather than doing it FOR FUN...kind of cause that lol*

So my friend Joanne WON entry packages and FREE TRAINING once a week for Her and a Guest and she asked meee to be her Guest...Awww I am very touched that she chose me... and I would actually never have done anything like this anytime soon on my own, but this is the perfect way to challenge myself, and this is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to get a photo of myself with a # on my Chest LOL! You know, the cool running pictures many of you runners have! Sooooo gonna have one now ;)

So...all signed up and now what??!!?? Well, we start our Weekly Training TOMORROW Morning @8:30am! Great place too as it is sooo close to our BELOVED GYM! It is only about a block away, so once we are finished the training we can hop over to the gym...warm up in the Sauna, and then get a BodyCombat class awesome is that? Pretty Awesome!

I have to go and get a good running jacket, a warm head band and maybe some new runners, because we will be training outside for the run, so I need to have some nice clean, dry sneakers for the gym, and I don't want to use the same ones as it is wet and chilly here in Vancouver, British Columbia!

So every Sunday from NOW until APRIL 17th, I am going to commit myself to this goal right next to my gym buddy Joanne...I am nervous and I hope I can do it! I think my heart and lungs are well conditioned because I do a lot of Cardio Classes....

Any of you runners, please give me all the advice you think will help me...I am a first-timer and I need all the tips I can get!

The count-down begins...



  1. Assalam alaikum.

    You can do it! I'm envious :D I've always wanted to participate in a walking/running marathon. Mashallah you have this opportunity in Canada.

    a Body Combat class?! I'm impressed with how sporty you are! mashallah.

    when I was in the Canadian Army Reserves


  2. Awww Alice hope you get to do one someday! BodyCombat is like a kick-boxing type thing. Look on and you can find a class near you! It is awesome and a high calorie burner. It is my favorite! I do that particular class 2-3 times a week it si so awesome. I was in the Army Reserves for 4 yrs many yrs back :) It was an experience I am glad I had the opportunity to do! :)