Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 26: DAY OFF!

Well I was so tired this morning...Hamoodie took forever to sleep and my ankle was still sore. Soooo I stayed home in my warm bed and slept in. But that is fine this is only my 3rd day off in the whole month...but for soem reason I still feel BAD! I missed 2 classes I love...RPM and BodyCombat...I will do RPM 2x tomorrow I hope to make up for it. Since hubby is on-call in the night I will go to the 6am class...I will be back to update my plan...

Love Kasey

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 25 Complete!

I hopped on the scale this morning for a little sneak peek...and I think I am down a little but my weight-in is only on Wednesday :)

So today I reallllly took it easy...because my left ankle is stillsore. So I just did 55min RPM Class with Deidra...and she was really good. I have tried several other classes with her like Step, Flow and Pump...but this was my first time in her RPM and I really enjoyed it :)

That was all I did...but felt great afterwards. I brought Tim Hortons home for the family as they had Creamy Clam Chowder as the Soup of the Day. Then Khaled went to a birthday for his friend at the Vancouver Aquarium...I talked to my Mother-In-Law today and we drove around. We ate at this amazing Persian restaurant called "Kash Cool" in North Vancouver. It was soooo yummy!!

So now I am off to relax and do some cleaning before bed.

Day 25:
55min. RPM

Plan for Tomorrow:
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour BodyFlow

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Seriously...gadgets while driving DO NOT Mix!

We always think "It can't happen to us" right?

Well I know for a would never happen to me because I never use the phone while driving and I never even text...ever... even not driving. Cell phones are not my thing...and mine is always dead because I don't use it very often. It is probably sitting under the seat of my car at the moment.

Anyways...I keep telling my hubby NOT to stuff and talk on the phone while driving but like most men...they do not listen at all. I mean I am always on him for this. he learned the hard way...and he wasn't even holding the phone! I WAS! I was using his cell phone to locate a restaurant and he had to make sure I was doing it right. I was not born yesterday or anything and I was like I can do is safer and ou just`1 keep your eyes on the road.

And suuure enough BANG! Right into the back of a truck! A big truck with a big trailor hitch on it! Good thing the driver was a nice guy and just shook his hand and off he damage to his car..but MINE has a hole in the bumper from where the trailor hitch went in and the license plate is all bent up! Now...imagine if that was meeee that did that???

What makes me mad is that we are warned and warned and no one listens! Now this makes me really MAD because how do I know the person behind ME and my kids in their car are not doing the same? Then they ram into us but worse. I would Alhmadullilah NEVER do something like this because I am a rule follower and like things to be safe. I won't even answer my phone while driving...I am too uncoordinated...I can hardly change the radio while driving and my controls are ON my steering wheel. But, some people are so careless...well my hubby learned a valuable lesson today. His friend even called while we were driving after the accident happened and he pulled over! I feel bad and everything, but I am glad he learned his lesson. I hope other hard-headed people get it and get it fast because it is WORSE than drinking and driving because just take a drive and look in cars and you will see most everyone playing on a gadget! I am happy it is illegal here! It is just soooo ridiculous and pathetic! Just get a life losers! I just have inappropriate BAD words for those people! I can't express how much these types of people really irritate is for our safety!

People who fiddle with gadgets while driving...PLEASE STOP!

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled

Friday, January 29, 2010

LES MILLS: The Most Amazing Classes!

So...What is all this...

...that I have been talking about everyday?...Day-in and day-out?

Well they are Les Mills Programs and they are awesome and life-changing. I definetly want anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, or just plain have fun and meet new people to click on this website and go into "Class Locator" and find classes near you. Click on the logo below for all the information!

It is great if there is a gym (like mine GoodLife Fitness) with classes you can get to and they are worth every penny and get a great workout...they are very energized...the instructors are amazing and work you hard and motivate you to really great music, and you just have tons of fun! The classes fly by and you get wayyy more of a workout than walking on a treadmill or any other machine I can tell you that. Before you know are addicted to them and hooked! They are truley above any other classes and can't even be compared (and trust me I have taken other classes before) So go on the site...check out The Programs and Go! I even previewed where they are in UAE already since I will be moving there sometime this year.

These are the class descriptions from the Les Mills website:
(Click on the picture and it will bring you to more about that particular class)

RPM™ is the indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain with your inspiring team coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. Discover your athlete within – sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high.

BODYATTACK™ is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals - from the weekend athlete to the hard-core competitor.

BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast!

BODYSTEP™ is the energizing step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Using a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step you get huge motivation from sing-a-long music and approachable instructors. Cardio blocks push fat burning systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks that shape and tone your body.

BODYFLOW™ is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance.

RPM is my favorite...because it is is body and mind challenging...and it is really fun! I love the feeling after Track 5 when I know there are only 2 Tracks left, and then you really feel great after the class like you really accomplished something difficult. Bring a towel because you will sweat more than you ever sweat in your life!

Next up my faves are:
BodyAttack...BodyPump...BodyCombat...BodyStep...and I like BodyFlow but it is in a different category as it is a mix of Yoga, Pilates & Tai-Chi but you do sweat, it is just not as intense as the others, but it is really relaxing especially since they dim the lights. I am not into the dance ones like BodyJam, but I know a lot of girls that love it...I am just not into dancing but if you are it would be fun!

Hope everyone gets to enjoy classes like these :)

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 24 Complete!

Day 24 Compete...ahhh and I am sore today a left ankle, and I am guessing from Step Class. I am gonna take it easy with that one and focus on more RPM and others as they come along. So, in addition to what I did this morning...I went back and did 1Hour BodyCombat Class and I was actually dripping from the intensity...what a great class and it was my first BodyCombat with one of my fave RPM instructors Romain so that was why we were all dripping. But I love the hard classes that push you and Combat and RPM are certainly at the top! (BodyAttack with Mandy is the other really tough one I love!)

Day 24:
1Hour BodyStep
1Hour BodyFlow
1Hour bodyCombat
30mins. Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump

1Hour RPM (Because I really want to try Deidra's first class there)
and then the only option is BodyStep after that but I did that today and think I should stay away from it.

Orrrr HEYYY....I could do...
55min. RPM
55min. RPM

Either way I want to do 2Hours of working-out but I can't make up my mind..but it IS my BodyPump day so I should do the first RPM, but I really want to try her class...ohhh I don't knowwwwwww...helllp! Too much decisions!

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 23.5

This morning I did 1Hour BodyStep instead of BodyAttack because the instructor is away this week for training. And I sweat buckets it was an awesome class by another fave instructor Deidra and then I stayed for her 1Hour BodyFlow Class. Ahhh then I was so relaxed! I went to get the kiddles at the Jump Program and they were having so much fun with the Amazing Ashley and Dee. They love them! They actually play with the kids and make it so much fun for them!

Then Myself...The kiddles...Ashley and Dee headed to Tim Hortons for some lunch...and I had a little bit of donut and some biscuit *ohhh nooo*

Now, I am waiting for BoKhaled to get home so I can go back for the 1HourBodyCombat which I also loooove!! Now I better get to cleaning before "The Boss" gets home but Mohammed is bugging me so I will have to clean with him in my arms...he is clingy today...maybe tooth #2 is coming!

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 23 Complete!

Did I tell you I love R.P.M? Did I? I don't think I told you...but, I loooove R.P.M (Spinning) Classes. If I HAVE told you before...well I love it even more with my new cycle shoes! They make it even better! So I completed my 23rd R.P.M Class in 3 weeks with my new shoes!

It was so funny I got there with my new shoes and I asked one of my fave instructors (same one from the morning again hehe) and he showed me to click the shoes in the pedal by feel. Welllll that was TRICKY! I got the RIGHT ONE in *yay*...but then the class was starting and I didn't want to waste anymore time so I just stuck the left foot in the straps and did the class like that hehehe...then after class I practiced and it was easier than I thought.

So in addition to this mornings 1Hour BodyPump and 55min. RPM...I added another 55min. RPM and then I relaxed in the Sauna and chatted for 45mins. or more with one of the personal trainers...she is really nice...ahh I love the sauna. I have been working my way up in there...getting ready for the U.A.E temperatures and to try out the Hot Yoga.

Soooo now I am off to bed with "Teeth Grip Razor Sharp" (Track 5: The hardest one in RPM) in my head...and I went to bed with it last night...and I WOKE with it this morning...anddd it is still in my head after tonight's class as well. Nighty Night all!

Day 23:
1Hour BodyPump
55min. RPM
55min. RPM
45min. + Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyAttack
1Hour BodyFlow
1Hour BodyCombat

(So sad I can't make it to Duff's 6am class tomorrow, but hubby has to work early! I will miss his hand motions for "Teeth Grip Razor Sharp" and he is one of the reasons this song is still in my head, but I will catch him Monday night and hopefully my Mom will be there to jon the class as she is sleeping over that night!)

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 22.5: My Newwwww Cycle Shoes!

Since I loooove R.P.M Class soooo much...I have been meaning to get some proper shoes (as I was talking about in a previous post) Well, I found some today and I bought them. So I am now the proud owner of my cool new shoes. They are called "SHIMANO WM60 Mountain Bike Shoes." and I got them at a local bike shop called "Different Bikes" which is formerly known as "Sharpey's Cycles" I hope I don't look tooo much like a keener lol! They are pearly white and pretty blue and even have some faint flowery designs in the white straps (I am really sold on anything with flowers)
This morning at the gym I did 1Hour BodyPump Class (which I like to do every 2nd day) and then I did 55min. RPM Class with my other favorite instructors Romain who is really getting tough, I have to hand it to him, but that's alright...the tougher the better. I want to go back tonight for a 2nd RPM Class in about 3 hours to test out my new shoes :) and then relax in the Sauna.

I have included a picture of my new lovely shoes...I have counted how many times I did RPM Class in 22 Days... *drum roll* and it is 22 times! See? The shoes are worth the price. I will be back tonight for the update!

Looooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 22 Complete!

Well today my kids were not feeling well and my hubby was off for the day except for a meeting, so i stayed home this morning...I missed the morning classes and I wish I didn't cause then I felt lazy all day. I was ALMOST not going to go tonight too because I was tired. But I went and I am sooo happy I did! I did 55min. RPM Class and then I relaxed in the sauna for 35mins. The kids had a really fun time at the Jump Program they have...they left saying "This was the best night ever!" Awww! I didn't really have a day off this week so combine last night and this morning's missed classes and make that my day off :)

I am pretty excited to go tomorrow cause I feel so happy I went tonight. I loveeee RPM!

Day 22:
55min. RPM (Spinning)
35min. Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyPump
55min. RPM
55min. RPM again muahaha (since it is a late one)

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

WEEK 3: Weekly Weight & Measurement Check

"X" for WEIGHT is what I was from the beginning of November
"X" for INCHES is what I was from January 5 (In brackets right after the body part is what I lost since the last week and after that is the TOTAL from January 5) GOT IT? :D

X = -32 Lbs.
Lost 2 more pounds (It must be because I am stillll gaining must be..I hope anyways)
So in those 3 weeks since I started I lost: 8 Lbs. (since I gained over the holidays)

Measurements: (21 days so far)
Right Arm (-0.25 In.) so TOTAL = X - 1 Inch
Left Arm (-0 In.) so TOTAL = X - 1 Inch
Bust (-1 In.) so TOTAL= X - 2 Inches
Under Bust (-1 In.) so TOTAL = X - 3 Inches
Waist (-1 In.) so TOTAL = X - 3 Inches
Belly Button (-1.5 In.) so TOTAL = X - 4 Inches
Hips (-1 In.) so TOTAL = X - 3 Inches
Bum (-0.5 In.) so TOTAL = X - 2 Inches
Right Thigh (-0.50 In.) so TOTAL = X - 1 Inch
Left Thigh (-0.25 In.) so TOTAL = X - 0.50 Inches (Now thighs are the same)
Right Calf (-0.25 In.) so TOTAL = X - 0.50 Inches
Left Calf (-0 In.) so TOTAL = X - 0.50 Inches (Now calves are the same)
WEEK 3 TOTAL = 7.25 Inches
WEEK 2 TOTAL = -7.75 Inches
WEEK 1 TOTAL = - 6.25 Inches
GRAND TOTAL = - 21.25 Inches

Measurements are from the day I started working out, so 21 days andNOT from the beginning...I did not measure back then cause I was not wanting to know...but I wish I did so now I feel better so I JUST started taking measurements three weeks ago)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 21 Complete!

3 Weeks of my "Weight-Loss Challenge" is now behind me...tomorrow is my weigh-in and measurement day! I did kind of eat bad for the last few days including McDonalds and some donuts and muffins from Tim Hortons...I hope that doesn't put a dent in things!

Today I took it easy...I did 55min. RPM Class with one of my other fave...very fit...very driven instructors Sylva, and followed that by her 1Hour BodyPump Class. My knees are still bothering me from Step yesterday...I took the rest of the evening off as BoKhaled was on day-call. I am going to call it a night early and be there again in the morning. The kids are sick so maybe I will leave them with hubby as he is off tomorrow :)

Day 21:
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour BodyFlow
55min. RPM

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 20 Complete!

another day of hard work behind me. So... in addition to this mornings work-out I went back in the evening with the kids because they love it there...and did 1Hour Spinning (RPM) with one of my fave instructors Duff and then 5mins. on what I call the "Bum Elliptical" (because it is "like" an elliptical but you can push down)...very cool...then I did 5mins. on the Stair Master and that was enough cause it is hard! Then I relaxed for 35mins. in the lovely sauna! I think I can only do that Step Class off and on cause it is killer on the knees...I notice this everytime I do it.

All I wanna say is that I wish I could do more to help people who really are in need. I get attached to people easily and I feel sad when I can't help them more than I wish I could. Ahhh life is tough! *sniff sniff*

I am soooo tired I am gonna sleep early...I have all the lunches done and I am ready for my fresh clean sheets!

Day 20:
1Hour BodyStep
45min. NewBody
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
5mins. Bum Elliptical
5mins. StairMaster
35mins. Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour RPM (Spinning)
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour RPM again (if I skip BodyStep that is right before it)

Almost time to weigh and measure again...2 more days!

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 19.5...

This morning I went to 1Hour BodyStep followed by 45min. NewBody. I had a nice little time. Then I signed up for the free Hot Yoga session as I am interested in it and got the schedule. Then I had a nice TimHortons Coffee MmmmmmmmMmmm!

Tonight I will do: 1Hour Spinning (RPM) and then maybe a little cardio and then Sauna because the BodyAttack Class is replaced this week with BodyStep and I already did that one...sooo I will go to Spinning :) Back to every 2nd day BodyPump starting tomorrow as I missed last Saturday :)

Well I am off to have a shower...get Khaled at school...come back and clean and cook...then off to the night workout!

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 19 Complete!

Today my Mom came to the gym with me...and we had a great time. We did 1Hour Spinning Class which she did great for her first time...and then we went on the massage chair for 5mins. Then I convinced her to go to BodyCombat...5mins. in she left hehehehe so I left a few minutes after that too and we did some machines...there is this amazing thing it is "like" an elliptical but you can push back too and really feel it in your bumbie...and then we relaxed in the sauna for almost 1/2Hour which was soo nice and tried out the steam room for about 5mins. SO pretty relaxed day. I wish she could come with me everyday!

Then we headed to Tim Hortons to get breakfast for BoKhaled and all the kids...only to come home to him making breakfast. Now my Mom went back home :( and I may head to the mall to get some stuff. My Mommie is off to Mexico very shortly so she is getting ready for that lovely trip.

Off to tend the the family...

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 18 Complete!

Well today was quite a slack day! I feel soooo BAD! I woke up to go to RPM/Spinning Class but I would not have made I was gonna go to BodyPump and then BodyStep...but I re-set the alarm and it did not go off...soooo I got up and actually made it to the BodyStep...happy I did...but sad I missed my faves! Then I only got 15mins. in the sauna because I had to get the kids at the child-care. Ohh well there is always tomorrow!

Now my Mommy...and Khaled's two cousins are sleeping over and my mom will come to the gym with me tomorrow! I can't wait...I am gonna bring her to Spinning hehehehehehe muahahahaha! Then make her go to BodyCombat and then BodyFlow...then we will relax in the sauna! SHe has NOOOo Idea what's in store for her!

Day 18:
1Hour BodyStep
15mins. Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour Spinning
1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour BodyFlow

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 17 Compelete

I weighed this morning...and I think I am down a tad today but I will not post those until my weekly weigh-in.

Today I did 1Hour BodyAttack (the instructor is reallllly good and her classes are fun!) then I stayed for 1Hour BodyFlow. I have been working out so much hehehe that I don't seem to have that sore feeling anymore...but after that BodyAttack Class I feel it already in my thighs so this is good cause the class really makes you sweat!

I am not sure if I will go tonight because I am invited to a girlies party at my dear friend's house so I may go there depending on when BoKhaled gets home from work. The only thing I would do would be the 1Hour BodyCombat...which I would like to and then sauna...

Also today Khaled's class went skating and they had a good time...Hessah got some tiny pink skates and she was on the ice for a little bit...sooo cute! AND Hessah is not wearing diapers anymore and MashaAllah she is doing a great job...soooo CUTE!

Changed this to Day 17 Complete because I did not go back I instead went to a friends get-together and had fun :)

Day 17:
1Hour BodyAttack
1Hour BodyFlow
30mins. Sauna

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 16 Complete!

So I got back to the gym tonight...I could not let that RPM Class start without me...and tomorrow I can't make it to the 6am :( and that is the only RPM tomorrow...soooo no RPM tomorrow for me but that is fine I did it 2x in one day TWICE this week...and it is a mind-trip to stay on that bike lemme tell ya!

So re-cap of this morning...1Hour BodyPump...1Hour Spinning (RPM) and then back in the evening for 1Hour Spinning again and then 30 mins. in the Sauna...soooo nice and then I tried the steam room for 10 mins. I learned I prefer the Sauna! But steam room is alright too.

Usually the instructor is different in the evening than the one from the morning...from my experience anyways...BUT I was in the room getting my fave bike #14 and then the same instructor from the morning came in. So he starts and does the warm-up and then he is talking to the group asking if everyone is sweating yet (and we all were) and then he was like it is gonna get HARDER...and then he was like "this is my 2nd class today...and hers too" pointing at me...everyone looked and I was like *Thumbs Up* all embarrassed lol! But really, in all honesty...this is a fun class and it is addicting...I love it so much!

Day 16:
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
30mins. Sauna
10mins. Steam Room

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyAttack
1Hour BodyFlow
1Hour BodyCombat

No RPM *sniff sniff*

Loooooooooove Kasey

Day 15.5....

I feel so friggin great! (Those who know me know I use that word a lot and it is not a bad word just so you know) But I really feel great! Wow! I just came home from my 1Hour Body Pump...followed by 1Hour Spinning. I ALMOST skipped the Spinning because the baby was home with BoKhaled who just got off call this I called him and I was like "can I?" and he was like "sure, the baby is still sleeping" so I WENT! And I..AM..Sooooo...Glad I did! This particular instructor is very motivating and tough "name like the lettuce" hehe! So anyways I am happy with my little old self today! I am now sitting and enjoying my Tim Hortons Coffee which I am now from a "Medium Double Double" to a "Medium 2 cream and ONE sugar" YAY!

Hopefully I get back tonight for the 7:30pm RPM Class and then a little Sauna...because tomorrow the only Spinning/RPM Class is at 6am and I think BoKhaled is working early so maybe no-can-do and I will miss my RPM-FIX! Waaahh! So I will probably have my butt back there tonight...

Also...since I LOVE Spinning...I am going to invest in a pair of Bike Shoes because it "enhances your performance" *LOL* and better for the knees :D

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 15 Complete...

Salam Aleikum...

Ahhhh another day behind me and it feels so great! Livin' the "GoodLife" (like the name of the gym) In addition to this mornings work-out I added 1Hour Spinning Class and then 30mins. in the wonderful Sauna...showered...and picked the kids up from their AMAZING Jump Child-Minding Program (it is sooo amazing and the girls are even more than amazing I can't even describe it) I mean I get 2Hours all to myself EVERYDAY and then some evenings as well...and I don't even feel guilty about it because they are really great...they love the kids and the kids love them...even the baby with his "Gym-Mommy Ashley" it is soo cute and I have peace of mind which is what every Mommy needs. This Gym is really over and above and MORE! Seriously, I can't be more happy these days! Alhamdullilah!

Now for my weakness of today...well we went to Costco and bought these amazing Pita Chips and Tzatziki Dip...and everytime I pass them I have a few hehehehe...I have to hide them or my work will be out the window because I am definetly not where I wanna be yet...have a ways to go...but Ohhhh I wish BoKhaled would have took those to work!

Day 15:
1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour BodyFlow
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
30mins. in the Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
Then MAYBE because there are no other classes that I want other than.....wait for it....
1Hour Spinning (RPM) *LOL*
30mins. Sauna

Ohh and I have not been ignoring everyone...I just have been going to bed so early these days! Because I am tired and need to get up in the mornings and have energy :) Love you all!

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 14.5

So half-way through the day...this morning I went to 1Hour BodyCombat and had some fun! What an amazing instructor. She has so much energy and makes the class fun. Then stayed for the 1Hour BodyFlow Class which calms you down and relaxes body feels like it is begging for some real hard cardio work so I am definetly going back this evening for 1Hour Spinning which I love and then relaxing in the sauna for 1/2 an hour would be the perfect way to end the day....

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

WEEK 2: Weekly Weight & Measurement Check

"X" for WEIGHT is what I was from the beginning of November
"X" for INCHES is what I was from January 5 (In brackets right after the body part is what I lost since the last week and after that is the TOTAL from January 5) GOT IT? :D

X = -30 Lbs.
Lost 1 more pound (It must be because I am gaining must be..I hope anyways)

Measurements: (14 days so far)
Right Arm (-0.25 In.) so TOTAL = X - 0.75 Inches
Left Arm (-0.50 In.) so TOTAL = X - 1 Inches
Bust (-1 In.) so TOTAL= X - 1 Inches
Under Bust (-1 In.) so TOTAL = X - 2 Inches
Waist (-1 In.) so TOTAL = X - 2 Inches
Belly Button (-1 In.) so TOTAL = X - 2.5 Inches
Hips (-1 In.) so TOTAL = X - 2 Inches
Bum (-1 In.) so TOTAL = X - 1.5 Inches
Right Thigh (-0.25 In.) so TOTAL = X - 0.50 Inches
Left Thigh (-0.25 In.) so TOTAL = X - 0.25 Inches
Right Calf (-0 In.) so TOTAL = X - 0.25 Inches
Left Calf (-0.50 In.) so TOTAL = X - 0.50 Inches
WEEK 2 TOTAL = -7.75 Inches
WEEK 1 TOTAL = - 6.25 Inches
GRAND TOTAL = - 14 Inches

Measurements are from the day I started working out, so 14 days and NOT from the beginning...I did not measure back then cause I was not wanting to know...but I wish I did so now I feel better so I JUST started taking measurements two weeks ago)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 14 Complete!

Sooo 2 weeks of "Weight-Loss Challenge" is complete!! Tomorrow is my weigh and measure day!

Today I went in the morning and I completed 1Hour Spinning Class...then off to 1Hour BodyPump...thought I was finished for the day but the sauna was calling me and BoKhaled was like "go if you like" so I DID! I went off with the thought to do a 2nd Spinning Class...and I was sooooooooo happy I went! I almost didn't...and 2x during the class I almost abandoned "bike" hehehe...out of 7 long working tracks (music) track 4, I almost got off hehehehe and then I knew track 5 (which is the HARDEST) was next...then I was like Ohhh fine get through that one to feeel the burn... 2nd wind came...and then at 6 I wanted to get off again lol...but only because I knew there was one hard one remaining...then the "ride home" and then Khalas (finished) so I STAYED On and felt AWESOME afterwards...

Then I made my way over to the massage chair...sat there for 10mins. or so chatting...and then I went in the lovely sauna for 30minutes or longer...chatting with some girlies I am getting to know. And we were in there soooo long that our whole bodies were dripping with sweat...that is a just the greatest way to end the night...then had a nice long warm shower and headed home.

Put my darlings to bed...all smooth and now everyone is sleeping and I am headed off to bed shortly myself.

Day 14:
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Spinning (RPM) again
30mins Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour BodyFlow
1Hour Spinning (RPM)

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 13 Complete

Oops I didn't post yesterday...but I went to the gym in the morning and did 1Hour BodyStep followed by 45min. NewBody Class...then back later in the evening for 1Hour Spinning Class and 20min. relaxing in the sauna! I took Sunday off and it made me a little sluggish through the Step Class but maybe I will just do a treadmill warm-up before starting classes and I will not be "on-the- dot on-time" cause I got a crappy spot off to the side so it was hard to see the instructor without turning my head...sooo early is the key and then I get my fave spot! :)

Day 13:
1Hour BodyStep
1Hour NewBody
1Hour Spinning
20min. Sauna

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 12 - DAY OFF!

Well I am taking a DAY OFF today! I woke up at 7am to go to the 8:30am Spinning Class...followed by the BodyCombat...but I was feeding the baby and my body was sore so I was like I will sleep and just do combat...then I woke and I was like...well I might as well give myself a little break. So I did and I feel a bit mad at myself but I guess we need to take days off. Sooo back at it tomorrow InshaAllah! I mayyyy be going to a baby shower today...I have to go get ready :)

Day 12:

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 11 Complete

I learned a lesson today...NOT to do 3 classes in a row...I mean I could do it and I did...BUT towards the end I was mixing up the co-ordination from exhaustion, so I definetly need that 7-8 Hour break in between the class sets... :D

Day 11:
1Hour Spinning (RPM) Class
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour BodyStep

And khalas that was all she wrote today...

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour Spinning (RPM) Class
1Hour BodyCombat
anddddd maybe maybe maaaybe because it is just stretches/pilates/yoga stuff
1Hour BodyFlow

Looooveeee Kasey UmmKhaled

Friday, January 15, 2010

But....I DID make an amazing sandwich tonight!

Girlies...I made THE most yummy sandwich tonight after grocery shopping was done...What shall I call it???? "Tomatoe Avocado Zing!"

Soooo to make this "Tomatoe Avocado Zing" you....

- Toast some Whole Grain Bread with a little butter
(I made it on my panini griller)
- Add a little mayonnaise on each slice
- 3 Slices of firm tomatoe
- Some sliced dill pickles
- A few onion slivers (onion sliced thin)
- Fresh Ripe Avocado (spread on one side of the bread)
- Pepper
- Roasted sweet red pepper (the jarred version as they are soft and soo YUMMY)
- A few slices of those banana pepper (kind of zingy to give it a zing)

Then I closed it up and it was sooo soooooooo yummy! I wish I can have another one...but I am on a weight-loss-challenge soooo

Day 10 Complete with 1 glitch...

Well I am sad because I didn't get to go to my BodyCombat Class tonight :( Because BoKhaled's friend didn't want to meet too late. I feel like an addict who didnt get her "fix" and that is not an exaggeration. I truely am addicted!

Day 10:
1Hour Spinning (RPM) Class
10mins. Treadmill
45min. BodyAttack Class
1Hour BodyFlow Class

And sadly that was it for today....but there is always tomorrow which will InshaAllah (God Willing) go as planned...

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour Spinning (RPM) Class
1Hour Body Pump Class
1Hour BodyStep

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 9.5 (1/2 way through Day 10) yay!

Happy Jummah my sisters!!

Well I did it! I got up at 6am and went to the early 1Hour Spinning Class and it was sooo great! I mean what a way to start the day! After that I sat in the massage chair for a few minutes and then off to the Treadmill for 10mins. before I went home to wake my kiddles with Tim Hortons breakfast.

Woke them them all ready and I brought Khaled to school...Hessah came with me to her "Gym School" all excited...and Hamoodie kept sleeping with Baba since I fed him right before I left again on my 2nd leg of my daily adventure! Landed myself at the gym again and I was a tad late so I did 45mins. of the amazing BodyAttack Class and then called still sleeping...soooo I stayed for the 1hour BodyFlowwww Class which is a little of Tai-Chi/Yoga/Pilates... very relaxing but hard too...

Now I am is pretty much clean from my cleaning-spree last night..and BoKhaled is at the Mosque for Jummah to put the little ones for a nap before I have to get Khaled at school :)

I have ONE class tonight I hope to get to which is BodyCombat and then BoKhaled has a dinner with one of his resident friends who in in Vancouver from Ontario...

Looooooooove Kasey

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 9 Complete!

Well that's all she wrote folks...I am not going again tonight. I am going at 6am tomorrow and then again at 9:30am after I drop Khaled at school with my friend for 2 classes and then break and then 1 class in the evening...BUT I got my house sparkling clean tonight from all my energy!!


Plan for Tomorrow:
1 Hour Spinning (RPM) Class
1Hour Body Attack Class
1Hour BodyFlow Class (or Treadmill)
1Hour BodyCombat Class

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 8.5 (1/2 way to Day 9)

Today was and is going to be an easy day because BoKhaled has a Journal Club after work and will only be home around 8pm...So I went to the gym this morning and did 1Hour of BodyPump Class...and then rushed off to 1Hour Spinning Class which was great! The kids reallly love the Jump Program there for them...Hamoodie has a "gym mommy" she is very sweet and just loves him so much! She carries him the whole time and feeds him, walks him around and he sleeps on her...awww I love it! Makes me feel so happy about it and they do not cry...Hessah has a blast and plays and is sooo tired when she comes home...she wakes up and says "I'm going to School Gym" and is all excited to go! Yay!

So tonight I will probably not go again...if I do...I will just do some treadmill and sauna to relax because tomorrow morning I have a 6am date with the Spinning Bike...among other things...

And ooops my math is bad hehe...correction on Total Weight Lost in Week 1:
TOTAL Week 1 = 6.25 Inches

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled (Off to enjoy my Tim Hortons Coffee)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 8 Complete!

So... I Completed Day 8 with:

Day 8: (Relaxed Day)
60min. BodyCombat Class
20min. Treadmill
20min. Sauna
60min. Spinning (RPM) Class
10min. Treadmill

And I will be back in the morning...

Plan for Tomorrow:
60min. BodyPump Class
60min. Spinning (RPM) Class

Then BoKhaled works late tomorrow so I will miss evening classes but I may just go for some working out in the gym area and then relax in the sauna after the kids go to bed :)

Love UmmKhaled

WEEK 1: Weekly Weight & Measurement Check

X = -29 Lbs.

Measurements: (Inches lost in 6 days)
Right Arm X - 0.5 Inches
Left Arm X - 0.5 Inches
Bust X - 0.0 Inches
Under Bust X - 1.0 Inches
Waist X - 1.0 Inches
Belly Button X - 1.5 Inches
Hips X - 1.0 Inches
Bum X - 0.5 Inches
Right Thigh X - 0.25 Inch
Left Thigh X - (little less than 1/4 Inch)
Calves (Both stayed the same)
TOTAL = - 6.25 Inches Lost

Measurements are from the day I started working out, so 6 days and NOT from the beginning...I did not measure back then cause I was not wanting to know...but now I feel better so I JUST started taking measurements last week)

My Weight is back to where I was before the holiday enjoyment of goodies, I estimate I gained around 5Lbs.

1/2 Way Through Day 8...

I woke up feeling fine after my hot water bottle on my knees and calves... so I decided to skip the 6am BodyPump because BoKhaled shut off the alarm...but good thing because Hamoodie was hard to get to bed last night and it took some time walking him around and stuff because he is teething...

I definetly took it easy this morning...I went to 1Hour BodyCombat Class for the first time and loved it! And then I went on the treadmill for 20mins. Then off to the Sauna to relaaax for 20mins. quick shower and then picked the Mohammed and Hessah up at the childminding where Hessah was not wanting to leave and Hamoodie slept the whole time which is great cause it is his nap-time anyways...

I will go back tonight because Khaled really wants to play there I will do 1Hour Spinning class and then make-up that 1Hour BodyPump Class I missed this morning!!
Now of to clean the house and relax a little...but Hessah for a nap :)

Oh and how can now I am BACK at X - 29Lbs. Yay cause I had gained about 5Lbs. or a little more. But I can feel the difference. It has been 5 days since I measured I may measure today too so they can be on the same day.

Loooove UmmKhaled

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 7 Complete...

So gladly Day 7 is finished and I am defiently going to bed early tonight as I am currently sitting with a hot-water bottle on my knees. So, re-cap from this morning... 1Hour Spinning Class and 1Hour BodyPump Class under my belt now :)

Now for the evening work-out. I was kind of tired tonight so I was not going to go...but I was like well I will just go for the BodyStep Class and then that will be it...but then I got energy all over again...completed the 1Hour BodyStep Class and then myself and the lady I met before (massage-chair lady hehe) we were like.. Her: "Are you gonna go to Spinning?" and then Me: "Are youuu gonna go?" And we were like "Fine...let's go and do 1/2 the class" soooooo off we WENT...and then I could not stop the class 1/2 way through because as you know it is just too GOOD of a class! So another 1Hour Spinning Class complete! Then I headed home...and had the most amazing dinner that BoKhaled cooked and it was indescribably kids are in bed and I am off to bed wayyy earlier than usual cause I want to try to get up for the 6am Body Pump Class...cause my friend is going as well.

Day 7:
1Hour Spinning Class (RPM)
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour BodyStep
1Hour Spinning Class (RPM) again

Plan for Tomorrow: (I MAY take tomorrow off)
6:00am - 1Hour BodyPump (If my knees feel alright)
9:30am - BodyCombat (which I am sooo excited for)
6:00pm - My favorite Spinning (RPM) Class

AND tomorrow I will weigh cause it is ONE week down now, and I want to see if I am back to
X - 29 Lbs. as I had gained over the holidays hehe...

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

1/2 Way Through Day 7...

My first week of my challenge is 1/2 way complete...I feel much better and I can do the classes, it feels good on my lungs and heart...and I am really getting the moves and stuff...makes it fun so you can work your hardest. I got up this morning...and Mmmmm McDonald's Pancakes were sitting on the counter...BoKhaled brought them home. Khaled was happy...Hessah and Mohammed were still sleeping and BoKhaled headed to bed because he was on-call all night! Sooo I dropped Khaled off at school...picked up a friend...and off we went for our morning "Wake-Me-Up" Workout! We completed 1Hour Spinning Class andddd then I completed 1Hour BodyPump Class...I find the classes sooo much more worth the time than the gym part because you have it all...resistance...cardio...weights...just everything and it is amazing...I can feel the difference already for sure....

SO now to relax...clean the house a little...and then get out of the house and do something...then InshaAllah hopefully get back to the gym for a few more classes tonight!

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 6 Complete!

Day 6 of my Weight-Loss Challenge has come to a happy ending! Although my plan changed a little as I wrote two posts ago...I still ended up having a really good day! Re-Cap of this morning: 10min. Treadmill warm-up...then 60min Body Step Class and I stayed for the 60min. NewBody Class. Now for where I left off...

So I came home and relaxed...cleaned the house a little...fed the family and stuff as usual..and then since tonight they had Child Minding at the gym I brought all 3 of my kiddles...and fast forward BUT they did not wanna leaaaaave! I had a hard time to get them that is a good thing and makes me feel good about it. I just pop in every now and again to check on them and see if they have had enough but so far so good. So first up I headed over to my FAVORITE 1Hour Spinning Class, which defiently did me some was hard as usual but I love it so IS really addicting I must say...while you are doing it there are parts where it is so hard you wanna get off and quit, but when you stay and push yourself it is an AMAZING feeling when you are done! Then since that class cut into the BodyAttack Class, I ran to make it to the last 1/2 hour of it and I am so happy I did because since I had already done one of them I could cut in and I knew what to do...and that was so worth it cause I really worked up a sweat and had a looooot of fun!

Then stopped by Tim Horton's and the kids got each a Muffin and I got a 1/2 decaf 1/2 regular Coffee...Medium Double-Double is how I love it...Now all the little darlings are sleeping soundly in their nests...and I am just relaxing....until tomorrow....

Day 6:
10min. Treadmill warm-up
1Hour BodyStep Class
1Hour NewBody Class
1Hour RPM (Spinning Class)
30min. BodyAttack Class

Plan for Day 7: (Tomorrow)
1Hour RPM (Spinning Class)
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour BodyStep
1Hour RPM (Maybe...maybe...maaayyybe again...I want to ask the instructor if this is o.k. since there is soooo much of a time break in between)
And I will throw in the Sauna too...

Sooo now I am just going to clean the house a little and head off to bed...cause I am pretty tired!

Loveeeee UmmKhaled

My Grampa Lafleur...

Today is a day that tugs at my would have been the 75th birthday of my Grampa LaFleur. He sadly passed away last April of cancer. Although we lived far away from eachother most of my life, he was very special to me because he was my Mother's Dad and we loved him very much. He always sent us a Birthday card on time...every year, and even as an adult with children, I was still recieving his little cards and so were my children. He had the most beautiful signature...I can still picture it. I saved some of them, and hope to come across one when I go through my things. He used to call us and we all had a turn to talk to him..I can still remember what his voice sounded like. His name was Maurice and my mom said it was "Mo" for short. So in naming my newest baby...BoKhaled wanted to name him Mohammed after his own father. When my mom said "Oh, I can call him Little "Mo" like my Dad" made the name easier for me to love and more special to me. When I tell people his name I always say after my father-in-law and also my Grampa. Not able to see him before, makes me really sad so I can't talk about it because I wish I would have gone when I could. I love you sooo much Grampa, and I love you Mom... and InshaAllah (God Willing) we will all be together in Jannah (Heaven). Ameeen!

Love Kasey

1/2 the day complete...with one little glitch...

Sooo that 6am date with the Spinning Bike didn't happen as planned...but I DID get up...only to discover BoKhaled set the alarm for "quarter too 6am" and NOT "quarter after 5am"like I told I went back to bed when I realized I would not make it in time. I was sad cause I was all excited for it...but I will be there I guarantee at 6pm because I really love to do it everyday. So instead, I brought Khaled to school and off I went...and I complete the Amazing BodyStep class and I was dripping in this one hehehehe...then she was starting another class right after and I was like "Ahhh what the heck I will stay" and I completed the once/week NewBody Class which consists of cardio holding small weights. Then I relaaaxed in the massage chair for 15 minutes...called home to see if I could stay a little longer only to get "Come home Kase, I really need ya" from BoKhaled...soooo I decided to head home since I had already had over 2Hours of Me-Time. BUT, I...WILL...BE...BACK...tonight...

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My plan for tomorrow...let's see how much I get accomplished...

Sooo here is my plan for tomorrow...get ready because it is quite the feat. Ok, so BoKhaled is on-call tomorrow evening, so he will be here all day. Works out great for me to get up in time to be at the gym for my 6am date with the Spinning bike again as I am already addicted to it. After that hour of wonderful torture I plan to head to for the treadmill for a run...
(Everyone is sleeping anyways so they do not need me there ya know)

Now, I get back in my car...go home...get Khaled ready for school and drop him off...and head BACK to the gym for my first 1Hour BodyStep Class and then if I feel like it some other stuff but that is to be decided on how I feel hehehe....then definetly relax in the sauna...and shower and home with Tim Hortons! Everyone should be awake by then. (My kids loooove their sleep Alhamdullilah)

Then hubby goes off to work for the for soemthing to do...I will bring all 3 of my darling children to the child-minding at the gym for 1Hour while I do the Amazing BodyAttack class that I loved the other day....then Khalas! (done in arabic)

Sooooo InshaAllah this is what I get accomplished, and it is not cutting into anyone else's time, allowing ME to do something fun and beneficial for myself, and the kids get to have fun at the play zone...

Happy Mom = Happy Family *LOL*

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled


Salam Aleikum my little group of readers...

I am so happy that I dragged myself out of bed this morning. I was TIRED...but I did it anyways. I headed to the gym for my 1Hour date with the Spinning Bike, and it was soooo killing me but it felt GREAT when it was over. All I could say was wowww to myself!

On the way to the treadmill...there were the really amazing full body massage myself and a lady I met today sat in them and chatted for like 30mins. hehehe...was nice. Then I headed to the treadmill...but on the way there I stopped at the desk to get the class schedule and some info pamphlets lol and then being the "Talkative Friendly Canadian Gal" I and the desk lady were chatting up a storm about the classes and stuff...she was new at it to..she was soo nice and older, so not like those bouncy young gym girls (no offence but ya know)

I got to the treadmill finally and I ran for almost the whole 20mins. I was shocked I could not stop running...Alhamdullilah I think my lungs and heart are MUCH healthier and I can feel it. Then time was a-tickin' so I had to put a move on it cause BoKhaled was home with all the kids...Thank you BoKhaled. Sooo off I went to the Sauna...and relaaaaaaxed for 15mins. then showered....picked up Tim Hortons Coffees for myself and hubby and donut for each of the kids....Now off to enjoy the is gorgeous outside! MashaAllah!!

Day 5:
6 min. ski-type Elliptical (new machine I never saw for warm-up)
1 Hour Amazing Spinning Class
2o min. run on Treadmill
15 min. Sauna

(Thanks to my dear friend Melissa C. for inspiring me to try Spinning)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ohh welll....

So today I was planning on going to the Spinning class as it was the only one offered today but that was at 9:45am but BoKhaled (my hubby) woke me up too late! So I was like awww that is me a day to recuperate from the bike seat *ouch* lol and then I would just go this evening after I get the kids in bed. Sooo we went about our day...took the kids to have fun at an indoor activity centre and then later in the evening I got ready for the gym...drove down...only to find a notice on the door (and I had this feeling all day it was gonna be like this cause of the weekend instructor training going on) so anyways it CLOSED at 7pm. Awwwwwwwww I was disappointed cause I was looking forward to 2Hours of exercise and then the sauna. So I made the best of my free-time and I went browsing at the Shoppers Drug Mart for an hour to see all the new make-up, perfume and products I had been missing out on the last few months due to having the kids all the time. That was nice... sooo I am sitting here smelling sooooo good from all the perfumes I tried hehe.

So my plan for tomorrow is: 9am get up and go to the gym... 9:45am head to the Amazing 1Hour Spinning Class and then work out for an hour after then relaaax in the sauna. Then possibly we are going to this indoor theme park for the kids and then IF I have some time after that I will go back to the gym for some cardio and weights, but it closes at 7pm tomorrow as well so I may not have the time. Sooo that was my little day and my plan for tomorrow...

Day 4:
No Gym/Break

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Lost & Torn...

:( So sad and torn. Thanks Kristie for listening to me once again :(

My weight loss journey begins....Again!

So I recently lost 29 Lbs. doing a self-modified version of "The Master Cleanse" and that worked well for the beginning...but I need to work out and feel the burn and tone. And also lose some more weight. My youngest baby is 7 months now so he is not totally dependant on I joined a gym 3 days ago.

I will call my weight X:
So X - 29 Lbs. Total so far. Going for another 20 Lbs.

Day 1: (1.5 Hrs)
Joined the gym.
Treadmill 21 mins.
Stair Climber 5 mins.
Weight Circuit remaining time

Day 2: (2 Hours)
40 min. Body Jam Class (not fond of it so I skipped out)
10 mins. Treadmill
60 mins. Awesome Spinning Class
15 mins. in the Sauna

Day 3: (2 Hours)
60 min. Body Attack Class (Awesome)
60 min. Spinning Class (Awesomer)

Sooo that was so far up to today and the rest I will log daily. SO weight is at X - 29 Lbs. and hope to Inshaallah go down about 20 Lbs. more :) I will weigh soon I just was off the diet for a while and gained a slight tiny amout soo yahhhh you know how that can be!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

So here i am...

Well I decided to make a new little blog since the other two didn't last long. I hope to keep this one up though cause I want a little journal to look back upon and reflect as well as share things with friends and family. In my little blog I would just like to talk about my daily life...weight loss favorite recipes...things I like and anything else that comes to mind. Soooo here I am...

Love Kasey