Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/2 Way Through Day 7...

My first week of my challenge is 1/2 way complete...I feel much better and I can do the classes, it feels good on my lungs and heart...and I am really getting the moves and stuff...makes it fun so you can work your hardest. I got up this morning...and Mmmmm McDonald's Pancakes were sitting on the counter...BoKhaled brought them home. Khaled was happy...Hessah and Mohammed were still sleeping and BoKhaled headed to bed because he was on-call all night! Sooo I dropped Khaled off at school...picked up a friend...and off we went for our morning "Wake-Me-Up" Workout! We completed 1Hour Spinning Class andddd then I completed 1Hour BodyPump Class...I find the classes sooo much more worth the time than the gym part because you have it all...resistance...cardio...weights...just everything and it is amazing...I can feel the difference already for sure....

SO now to relax...clean the house a little...and then get out of the house and do something...then InshaAllah hopefully get back to the gym for a few more classes tonight!

Love Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. Wow, mashallah! Sounds great! Inshallah I can get into something sometime! Keep it up!

  2. Look us LesMills Fitness classes and then go to them wherever you can find it Melissa! Sooo fun!

  3. You go girlie!!! your doing an awesome job!