Monday, January 11, 2010

1/2 the day complete...with one little glitch...

Sooo that 6am date with the Spinning Bike didn't happen as planned...but I DID get up...only to discover BoKhaled set the alarm for "quarter too 6am" and NOT "quarter after 5am"like I told I went back to bed when I realized I would not make it in time. I was sad cause I was all excited for it...but I will be there I guarantee at 6pm because I really love to do it everyday. So instead, I brought Khaled to school and off I went...and I complete the Amazing BodyStep class and I was dripping in this one hehehehe...then she was starting another class right after and I was like "Ahhh what the heck I will stay" and I completed the once/week NewBody Class which consists of cardio holding small weights. Then I relaaaxed in the massage chair for 15 minutes...called home to see if I could stay a little longer only to get "Come home Kase, I really need ya" from BoKhaled...soooo I decided to head home since I had already had over 2Hours of Me-Time. BUT, I...WILL...BE...BACK...tonight...

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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  1. Aww, sorry you didn't get to go in the morning. What did he need ya to come home for?! Still, awesome that you got in 2 hours of YOU time. Must've felt pretty darn good!