Saturday, January 9, 2010

My weight loss journey begins....Again!

So I recently lost 29 Lbs. doing a self-modified version of "The Master Cleanse" and that worked well for the beginning...but I need to work out and feel the burn and tone. And also lose some more weight. My youngest baby is 7 months now so he is not totally dependant on I joined a gym 3 days ago.

I will call my weight X:
So X - 29 Lbs. Total so far. Going for another 20 Lbs.

Day 1: (1.5 Hrs)
Joined the gym.
Treadmill 21 mins.
Stair Climber 5 mins.
Weight Circuit remaining time

Day 2: (2 Hours)
40 min. Body Jam Class (not fond of it so I skipped out)
10 mins. Treadmill
60 mins. Awesome Spinning Class
15 mins. in the Sauna

Day 3: (2 Hours)
60 min. Body Attack Class (Awesome)
60 min. Spinning Class (Awesomer)

Sooo that was so far up to today and the rest I will log daily. SO weight is at X - 29 Lbs. and hope to Inshaallah go down about 20 Lbs. more :) I will weigh soon I just was off the diet for a while and gained a slight tiny amout soo yahhhh you know how that can be!

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