Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/2 Way Through Day 8...

I woke up feeling fine after my hot water bottle on my knees and calves... so I decided to skip the 6am BodyPump because BoKhaled shut off the alarm...but good thing because Hamoodie was hard to get to bed last night and it took some time walking him around and stuff because he is teething...

I definetly took it easy this morning...I went to 1Hour BodyCombat Class for the first time and loved it! And then I went on the treadmill for 20mins. Then off to the Sauna to relaaax for 20mins. quick shower and then picked the Mohammed and Hessah up at the childminding where Hessah was not wanting to leave and Hamoodie slept the whole time which is great cause it is his nap-time anyways...

I will go back tonight because Khaled really wants to play there I will do 1Hour Spinning class and then make-up that 1Hour BodyPump Class I missed this morning!!
Now of to clean the house and relax a little...but Hessah for a nap :)

Oh and how can now I am BACK at X - 29Lbs. Yay cause I had gained about 5Lbs. or a little more. But I can feel the difference. It has been 5 days since I measured I may measure today too so they can be on the same day.

Loooove UmmKhaled

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