Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 13 Complete

Oops I didn't post yesterday...but I went to the gym in the morning and did 1Hour BodyStep followed by 45min. NewBody Class...then back later in the evening for 1Hour Spinning Class and 20min. relaxing in the sauna! I took Sunday off and it made me a little sluggish through the Step Class but maybe I will just do a treadmill warm-up before starting classes and I will not be "on-the- dot on-time" cause I got a crappy spot off to the side so it was hard to see the instructor without turning my head...sooo early is the key and then I get my fave spot! :)

Day 13:
1Hour BodyStep
1Hour NewBody
1Hour Spinning
20min. Sauna

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

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