Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 16 Complete!

So I got back to the gym tonight...I could not let that RPM Class start without me...and tomorrow I can't make it to the 6am :( and that is the only RPM tomorrow...soooo no RPM tomorrow for me but that is fine I did it 2x in one day TWICE this week...and it is a mind-trip to stay on that bike lemme tell ya!

So re-cap of this morning...1Hour BodyPump...1Hour Spinning (RPM) and then back in the evening for 1Hour Spinning again and then 30 mins. in the Sauna...soooo nice and then I tried the steam room for 10 mins. I learned I prefer the Sauna! But steam room is alright too.

Usually the instructor is different in the evening than the one from the morning...from my experience anyways...BUT I was in the room getting my fave bike #14 and then the same instructor from the morning came in. So he starts and does the warm-up and then he is talking to the group asking if everyone is sweating yet (and we all were) and then he was like it is gonna get HARDER...and then he was like "this is my 2nd class today...and hers too" pointing at me...everyone looked and I was like *Thumbs Up* all embarrassed lol! But really, in all honesty...this is a fun class and it is addicting...I love it so much!

Day 16:
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
30mins. Sauna
10mins. Steam Room

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyAttack
1Hour BodyFlow
1Hour BodyCombat

No RPM *sniff sniff*

Loooooooooove Kasey

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