Friday, January 15, 2010

But....I DID make an amazing sandwich tonight!

Girlies...I made THE most yummy sandwich tonight after grocery shopping was done...What shall I call it???? "Tomatoe Avocado Zing!"

Soooo to make this "Tomatoe Avocado Zing" you....

- Toast some Whole Grain Bread with a little butter
(I made it on my panini griller)
- Add a little mayonnaise on each slice
- 3 Slices of firm tomatoe
- Some sliced dill pickles
- A few onion slivers (onion sliced thin)
- Fresh Ripe Avocado (spread on one side of the bread)
- Pepper
- Roasted sweet red pepper (the jarred version as they are soft and soo YUMMY)
- A few slices of those banana pepper (kind of zingy to give it a zing)

Then I closed it up and it was sooo soooooooo yummy! I wish I can have another one...but I am on a weight-loss-challenge soooo


  1. hey girly girl!!

    that sounds sooo good!! I want to make it inshallah... I will go look for the jarred sweet peppers next time I go to Spinney's inshallah. :)

    good job on your workout plan!!

  2. you find them in the pickle section :)