Sunday, January 10, 2010


Salam Aleikum my little group of readers...

I am so happy that I dragged myself out of bed this morning. I was TIRED...but I did it anyways. I headed to the gym for my 1Hour date with the Spinning Bike, and it was soooo killing me but it felt GREAT when it was over. All I could say was wowww to myself!

On the way to the treadmill...there were the really amazing full body massage myself and a lady I met today sat in them and chatted for like 30mins. hehehe...was nice. Then I headed to the treadmill...but on the way there I stopped at the desk to get the class schedule and some info pamphlets lol and then being the "Talkative Friendly Canadian Gal" I and the desk lady were chatting up a storm about the classes and stuff...she was new at it to..she was soo nice and older, so not like those bouncy young gym girls (no offence but ya know)

I got to the treadmill finally and I ran for almost the whole 20mins. I was shocked I could not stop running...Alhamdullilah I think my lungs and heart are MUCH healthier and I can feel it. Then time was a-tickin' so I had to put a move on it cause BoKhaled was home with all the kids...Thank you BoKhaled. Sooo off I went to the Sauna...and relaaaaaaxed for 15mins. then showered....picked up Tim Hortons Coffees for myself and hubby and donut for each of the kids....Now off to enjoy the is gorgeous outside! MashaAllah!!

Day 5:
6 min. ski-type Elliptical (new machine I never saw for warm-up)
1 Hour Amazing Spinning Class
2o min. run on Treadmill
15 min. Sauna

(Thanks to my dear friend Melissa C. for inspiring me to try Spinning)


  1. Wow, sounds great!! I need to get into a routine once my father in law leaves (I'm not using the treadmill in front of him!).

    Keep it up but don't over do it!

  2. How much longer is he there Melissa...hehe treadmill is great..put it in your room...ohh and I don't overdue it...I do it A LOT but my body is fine...if it starts to reallly hurt then I will skip a class or two ;)