Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seriously...gadgets while driving DO NOT Mix!

We always think "It can't happen to us" right?

Well I know for a would never happen to me because I never use the phone while driving and I never even text...ever... even not driving. Cell phones are not my thing...and mine is always dead because I don't use it very often. It is probably sitting under the seat of my car at the moment.

Anyways...I keep telling my hubby NOT to stuff and talk on the phone while driving but like most men...they do not listen at all. I mean I am always on him for this. he learned the hard way...and he wasn't even holding the phone! I WAS! I was using his cell phone to locate a restaurant and he had to make sure I was doing it right. I was not born yesterday or anything and I was like I can do is safer and ou just`1 keep your eyes on the road.

And suuure enough BANG! Right into the back of a truck! A big truck with a big trailor hitch on it! Good thing the driver was a nice guy and just shook his hand and off he damage to his car..but MINE has a hole in the bumper from where the trailor hitch went in and the license plate is all bent up! Now...imagine if that was meeee that did that???

What makes me mad is that we are warned and warned and no one listens! Now this makes me really MAD because how do I know the person behind ME and my kids in their car are not doing the same? Then they ram into us but worse. I would Alhmadullilah NEVER do something like this because I am a rule follower and like things to be safe. I won't even answer my phone while driving...I am too uncoordinated...I can hardly change the radio while driving and my controls are ON my steering wheel. But, some people are so careless...well my hubby learned a valuable lesson today. His friend even called while we were driving after the accident happened and he pulled over! I feel bad and everything, but I am glad he learned his lesson. I hope other hard-headed people get it and get it fast because it is WORSE than drinking and driving because just take a drive and look in cars and you will see most everyone playing on a gadget! I am happy it is illegal here! It is just soooo ridiculous and pathetic! Just get a life losers! I just have inappropriate BAD words for those people! I can't express how much these types of people really irritate is for our safety!

People who fiddle with gadgets while driving...PLEASE STOP!

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. I agree! My husband was recently trying to learn how to use the GPS while driving....I was soooo irritated because I was the one watching the road. It's scary when you know the driver is distracted! I was afraid we would get in an accident, but alhamdulillah we didn't.

  2. Alhamdulilah that nothing serious happened to you and your family though, you know. Ugh! Husbands never seem to listen! And if it was the other way around and you got into a wreck? If it happened to me,I would have never heard the end of it from my hubby! LOL

  3. They don't listen...and I ALWAYS find myself saying "seeeee I told you sooooooooo" Now Imagine that was ME...oh and it was brought up that "I" was the one that wanted to be driving around Geeeeez...made him take that back realll fast LOL!

  4. Alhumdulilah it wasn't anything serious, but yeah, I totally agree with you! It's against the law here in California to talk on the phone and drive at the same time. (but it's only a $20 or $40 fine...)It's against the law for a reason! A cousin of mine died because he was texting and driving, he rolled his truck off the road and the cab was crushed, he was a mile from home...
    I'm a rule follower too and wish everyone else was. It's a shame how people will do things that not only endanger themselves but others too, that's wrong.