Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 9.5 (1/2 way through Day 10) yay!

Happy Jummah my sisters!!

Well I did it! I got up at 6am and went to the early 1Hour Spinning Class and it was sooo great! I mean what a way to start the day! After that I sat in the massage chair for a few minutes and then off to the Treadmill for 10mins. before I went home to wake my kiddles with Tim Hortons breakfast.

Woke them them all ready and I brought Khaled to school...Hessah came with me to her "Gym School" all excited...and Hamoodie kept sleeping with Baba since I fed him right before I left again on my 2nd leg of my daily adventure! Landed myself at the gym again and I was a tad late so I did 45mins. of the amazing BodyAttack Class and then called still sleeping...soooo I stayed for the 1hour BodyFlowwww Class which is a little of Tai-Chi/Yoga/Pilates... very relaxing but hard too...

Now I am is pretty much clean from my cleaning-spree last night..and BoKhaled is at the Mosque for Jummah to put the little ones for a nap before I have to get Khaled at school :)

I have ONE class tonight I hope to get to which is BodyCombat and then BoKhaled has a dinner with one of his resident friends who in in Vancouver from Ontario...

Looooooooove Kasey

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