Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 22.5: My Newwwww Cycle Shoes!

Since I loooove R.P.M Class soooo much...I have been meaning to get some proper shoes (as I was talking about in a previous post) Well, I found some today and I bought them. So I am now the proud owner of my cool new shoes. They are called "SHIMANO WM60 Mountain Bike Shoes." and I got them at a local bike shop called "Different Bikes" which is formerly known as "Sharpey's Cycles" I hope I don't look tooo much like a keener lol! They are pearly white and pretty blue and even have some faint flowery designs in the white straps (I am really sold on anything with flowers)
This morning at the gym I did 1Hour BodyPump Class (which I like to do every 2nd day) and then I did 55min. RPM Class with my other favorite instructors Romain who is really getting tough, I have to hand it to him, but that's alright...the tougher the better. I want to go back tonight for a 2nd RPM Class in about 3 hours to test out my new shoes :) and then relax in the Sauna.

I have included a picture of my new lovely shoes...I have counted how many times I did RPM Class in 22 Days... *drum roll* and it is 22 times! See? The shoes are worth the price. I will be back tonight for the update!

Looooove Kasey UmmKhaled

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