Sunday, January 10, 2010

My plan for tomorrow...let's see how much I get accomplished...

Sooo here is my plan for tomorrow...get ready because it is quite the feat. Ok, so BoKhaled is on-call tomorrow evening, so he will be here all day. Works out great for me to get up in time to be at the gym for my 6am date with the Spinning bike again as I am already addicted to it. After that hour of wonderful torture I plan to head to for the treadmill for a run...
(Everyone is sleeping anyways so they do not need me there ya know)

Now, I get back in my car...go home...get Khaled ready for school and drop him off...and head BACK to the gym for my first 1Hour BodyStep Class and then if I feel like it some other stuff but that is to be decided on how I feel hehehe....then definetly relax in the sauna...and shower and home with Tim Hortons! Everyone should be awake by then. (My kids loooove their sleep Alhamdullilah)

Then hubby goes off to work for the for soemthing to do...I will bring all 3 of my darling children to the child-minding at the gym for 1Hour while I do the Amazing BodyAttack class that I loved the other day....then Khalas! (done in arabic)

Sooooo InshaAllah this is what I get accomplished, and it is not cutting into anyone else's time, allowing ME to do something fun and beneficial for myself, and the kids get to have fun at the play zone...

Happy Mom = Happy Family *LOL*

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. Wow, that's a lot of gym time! You must really love the gym. I tell my hubby he's obsessed with the gym, but even he doesn't go that much! LOL Good luck. Hope you get everything accomplished today that you had planned!

  2. Aw Thanks Twitchee my buddy old pal... :) There is a pattern I have...either I don't go and I eat a lot of junk...or I go A LOTTT and eat better :) I, for some reason, do not have an in-between..