Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 20 Complete!

another day of hard work behind me. So... in addition to this mornings work-out I went back in the evening with the kids because they love it there...and did 1Hour Spinning (RPM) with one of my fave instructors Duff and then 5mins. on what I call the "Bum Elliptical" (because it is "like" an elliptical but you can push down)...very cool...then I did 5mins. on the Stair Master and that was enough cause it is hard! Then I relaxed for 35mins. in the lovely sauna! I think I can only do that Step Class off and on cause it is killer on the knees...I notice this everytime I do it.

All I wanna say is that I wish I could do more to help people who really are in need. I get attached to people easily and I feel sad when I can't help them more than I wish I could. Ahhh life is tough! *sniff sniff*

I am soooo tired I am gonna sleep early...I have all the lunches done and I am ready for my fresh clean sheets!

Day 20:
1Hour BodyStep
45min. NewBody
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
5mins. Bum Elliptical
5mins. StairMaster
35mins. Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour RPM (Spinning)
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour RPM again (if I skip BodyStep that is right before it)

Almost time to weigh and measure again...2 more days!

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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