Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 17 Compelete

I weighed this morning...and I think I am down a tad today but I will not post those until my weekly weigh-in.

Today I did 1Hour BodyAttack (the instructor is reallllly good and her classes are fun!) then I stayed for 1Hour BodyFlow. I have been working out so much hehehe that I don't seem to have that sore feeling anymore...but after that BodyAttack Class I feel it already in my thighs so this is good cause the class really makes you sweat!

I am not sure if I will go tonight because I am invited to a girlies party at my dear friend's house so I may go there depending on when BoKhaled gets home from work. The only thing I would do would be the 1Hour BodyCombat...which I would like to and then sauna...

Also today Khaled's class went skating and they had a good time...Hessah got some tiny pink skates and she was on the ice for a little bit...sooo cute! AND Hessah is not wearing diapers anymore and MashaAllah she is doing a great job...soooo CUTE!

Changed this to Day 17 Complete because I did not go back I instead went to a friends get-together and had fun :)

Day 17:
1Hour BodyAttack
1Hour BodyFlow
30mins. Sauna

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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