Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 19 Complete!

Today my Mom came to the gym with me...and we had a great time. We did 1Hour Spinning Class which she did great for her first time...and then we went on the massage chair for 5mins. Then I convinced her to go to BodyCombat...5mins. in she left hehehehe so I left a few minutes after that too and we did some machines...there is this amazing thing it is "like" an elliptical but you can push back too and really feel it in your bumbie...and then we relaxed in the sauna for almost 1/2Hour which was soo nice and tried out the steam room for about 5mins. SO pretty relaxed day. I wish she could come with me everyday!

Then we headed to Tim Hortons to get breakfast for BoKhaled and all the kids...only to come home to him making breakfast. Now my Mom went back home :( and I may head to the mall to get some stuff. My Mommie is off to Mexico very shortly so she is getting ready for that lovely trip.

Off to tend the the family...

Love Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. as-salaam aleikum,

    Mashallah you got to spend some time working out with your mother!! thasts too bad she had to leave... but girrrrrl, keep up all of that good work!! can't wait to see you inshallah!

  2. Her bum is prob reallllly sore right now hehehe! Can't wait to see you toooo...not too much longer..I better start getting the passport renewals for the kiddles cause they need to be fresh as possible since we are going for a long time hehehehe