Monday, January 11, 2010

My Grampa Lafleur...

Today is a day that tugs at my would have been the 75th birthday of my Grampa LaFleur. He sadly passed away last April of cancer. Although we lived far away from eachother most of my life, he was very special to me because he was my Mother's Dad and we loved him very much. He always sent us a Birthday card on time...every year, and even as an adult with children, I was still recieving his little cards and so were my children. He had the most beautiful signature...I can still picture it. I saved some of them, and hope to come across one when I go through my things. He used to call us and we all had a turn to talk to him..I can still remember what his voice sounded like. His name was Maurice and my mom said it was "Mo" for short. So in naming my newest baby...BoKhaled wanted to name him Mohammed after his own father. When my mom said "Oh, I can call him Little "Mo" like my Dad" made the name easier for me to love and more special to me. When I tell people his name I always say after my father-in-law and also my Grampa. Not able to see him before, makes me really sad so I can't talk about it because I wish I would have gone when I could. I love you sooo much Grampa, and I love you Mom... and InshaAllah (God Willing) we will all be together in Jannah (Heaven). Ameeen!

Love Kasey


  1. Salamou aleikoum UmmKhaled! Congrats on getting in shape. My hubby and I started getting in shape too only 2 weeks ago, we are doing the P90X home workout. It's amazing, I highly recommend it. Best part is doing it at home. I didn't think I would like that but I did. So think about it! You can buy it at walmart, canadian tire, and probably online too. You pay once, instead of a monthly gym membership. But I'm really happy you're doing classes at the gym, it's the best to get you motivated! xox Miss you ma belle. Hanane Roy

  2. Thanks for coming on Hanane...I wanted that P90X...let me know how much you lose in inches or weight I was Really wanting that thing...but I love the gym too..miss you too my little east coast you ever come to Vancouver?