Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 54 and Day 55 of Round 2

I pretty much had to drag myself to the gym these last few days after my "5 Day Slump", but I am REALLY glad I did. I am "back on track" and I have started something new I will make a new post about it later today. I am so excited about it and I can already see positive results!

Day 55 Wednesday September 29:

45min. BodyAttack
55min. RPM

Day 54 Tuesday September 28:

1Hour BodyPump
45min. BodyStep
55min. RPM

Monday September 27:
2Hour PT Consult and BodyComposition

On Monday I went to the gym for 2Hours to meet with a Personal Trainer. I did a BodyComposition as well and got a little depressed...which made me look at my nutrition more which led to my new thing I am gonna talk about in the next post. So anyways $700+ a month is a lot for 1Hour x 3Days a Week. I mean I could get another cat and plus anyways I don't think that is gonna work out. Anyways I am fasting this morning for some blood work so I better get there ASAP so I can start my day right with a healthy breakfast :)

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

5 Days off :(

Well for those days I won't count them in the count but they were all days off. I went into a slump and was kind of busy so I didn't go. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday were all off. Wow I do NOT wanna get into that again! It made me feel really down!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 53 Round 2

Well today I didn't make it to the gym in the morning...I was tired! So I called my friend Iman (who is also married to a UAE hubby) and we were going to go do a little shopping in good old USA. As last-minute as we planned ended the same. So we decided to go tomorrow instead. But I made it this evening for RPM and BodyPump. I was going to do Hot Yoga but the kids have to wake in the morning and I would only have gotten out at 9:30pm. Oh well...I still worked out. I was sooo stressed and crabby today. Good thing I wasn't around too many people hehehe. Glad I worked all that evil energy off :D Thanks to my awesome LesMills gym classes. Ohhh and it was nice to see Ellie again in Pump..."Where were you during RPM?? Hmmmmmmm? Hmmmmm?" :P

Having a bad day? Drag yer-self to ONE LesMills class (and another class will follow)
                        = One Happy and stress-free Woman

Well I am off to relax and then make lunch for my little Khaled...and then sleep.

Happy Saudi National Day to all my wonderful Saudi Friend-ies!

Day 53 Round 2:
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 52 Round 2

I made it back to the gym woohoo. I did not go in the morning like I wanted because I had some friends over for an Iftaar last night. My friend was fasting and made a yummy arabian dish that we make in UAE called Thareed/Mathrooba (chicken and veggies in a stew-like sauce over chopped pita bread) and salad...and we had coffee and carrot cake afterwards. I had my sweet little friend Aneesa, her daughter Amina and Jessica/Sumayyah over and we had a nice time. I was so tired in the morning because it went a little late. Too bad it was too last minute for Iman but InshaAllah we will have another get-together really soon.

I woke up this morning and Khaled was not feeling well. He had a slight fever last night and the chills. So I let him sleep in and we stayed home this morning. I did get in this evening and I did BodyStep, RPM and then BodyCombat. Saw my gym buddies Ellie (for RPM) and Lydia (for Step and RPM) which was nice. They really make it worth getting there every time because we are all in the same struggle and we have fun together working out.

This is so cool. Well I went to ay something at the desk...and the girl I know from the beginning said in front of me to the other girl at the desk "Ohh Kasey lived in UAE" I was wondering why she would say that to this random girl hehe...and I was like "Why did you too?" and she was like "No my boyfriend just moved back there" So that is cool...we may have another Canadian girl in UAE within the year. That would be so is nice to have people who are in the same boat and understand what we go through being married to different cultures. Especially those with Khaleeji husbands. Her boyfriend is originally Omani but is living in UAE. Small little world...I hope we can get together when we are all in UAE :)

Well I am off to bed I suppose. I have to be fresh to get back to the gym tomorrow I will be back :)

Day 52:

1Hour BodyStep
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyCombat

Looooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 49, 50, 51 of Round 2

All those days were Days OFF...I hate it when I do that but I did and can't change it. I didn't come on and write but I had my Canadian Wedding at my Mom's...she made this beautiful little gathering. So pretty and decorated nice. The colors were my faves teal and fushia. It was really nice. I will write more later.

Day 49, Day 50, Day 51:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I wanna be on the "Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp" show!

Today while I was in my gym...I saw the star trainer of "The Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp" it is a show I watch all the time on "Slice Channel" as well as "Bulging Brides" I really love that show and it is motivating. So I was in my gym and in the childcare area...and Tommy Europe walked in...I was like "Ohhh you are the guy from "Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp" he was like "Yes I am" :) That was really cool. Just shows how cool my gym is!

Funny thing I applied one time to get on that show because it is filmed here in Vancouver...I wish I could so much! I would love it. And I said to a girl that works there with the kiddies that I applied, and she was like me tooooo! LOL. I wanted to be on but I was leaving in 6 weeks so that would have meant not enough time. I just thought that was so cool. Come and get me to be on the show! Pretty Please!

Love Kasey :)

Day 48 Round 2

This morning I missed the BodyAttack class by about a half and hour, but I decided to go anyways because my hubby had an appointment down the mountain anyways, so I sat with the girls and the kids and had coffees from Tim Hortons. Then I headed to the gym area and did 20min. Elliptical Trainer and then I went for 20mins. on this really cool Stepper/Strider machine. Pretty good workout. Sad I missed the class because it looked like fun. I didn't go this evening because I brought Khaled for a Scouts Orientation.

Well I have a party thing to go to tomorrow night so I better get to bed. I have to get a dress in the morning and then get my hair and makeup done :D I feel too chubby for a dress :( But Oh well nice to see family.

Day 48 Round 2:

20mins. Elliptical
20mins. Stepper/Strider

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 47 Round 2

I am home from my evening round at the gym and let me tell you I am beat! I am glad this day of workouts is over! I wish I could get to my goal so I can tone this down :( It is really draining. So this evening, I went back and did BodyPump, RPM again and then Hot Yoga. I did RPM twice today has been a while since I have done that...I actually like doing that because you really have a lot of energy the second time around which is surprising to think. But there are several hours between my morning and evening workouts. I felt really energized after but it was the 75min. Hot Yoga that took all my energy...the heat and stuff after so much other exercise. So I had a big long day today. I am thinking of taking the morning off and only going tomorrow evening for AwesomeAbs and BodyPump. Tomorrow morning is BodyAttack and I love that class...really great calorie burner and fun too! I feel I need a break though. After that is BodyFlow but it is not a favourite of mine but I do like it once in a while. I prefer the Hot Yoga if I had to choose.

Well tired little old me is off to my cozy nest (bed). My Mom always called our beds our "little nests" my Mom is so cute! I love her so much! Ohh first I will have a nice warmie shower because I desperately need one hehehe and I am freezing.

Day 47 September 16:

55min. RPM
45min. AwesomeAbs/BetterBacks
45min. BodyPump
55min. RPM
75min. Hot Yoga

I don't recommend that to anyone viewing from home. Yikes lol! I must be doing too much because I am not getting the results I used to get while doing this crazy stuff...but maybe and I hope this is just gaining muscle.

Loooooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 46.5 Round 2

Half-way through Day 47. Dropped Khaled off at school this morning...headed down the mountain to the gym and did 55min. RPM sitting on the bike next to Lydia and then after that did 45min. AwesomeAbs Class. Both classes were with one of our favourite instructors Romain. There is NO cheating and slacking off in his classes that's for sure.

Then hubby and I took the kids to the park and then riding on the bike taking turns in the wagon and on the bike with Baba it was really nice.

I have to go get Khaled at school and play at the park...see ya later...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 46 Round 2

View from Burnaby Mountain Park
(Beautiful Park just minutes from my home)

Today I took it a little easy and only went to the gym in the morning because I had my Nephew Jacob's 9th Birthday party to go to at my sister's in the evening. I woke up in the morning, got the kiddies ready and dropped Khaled off at school. Then we drove down the mountain and my husband dropped us off. The kids were so excited to get to "GymSchool" so off we went. I did 1Hour BodyCombat and then 10minutes on the Elliptical Machine. I was still sore from last night's Combat class though, but I made it through. Then I sat and chatted with some of the girls which is always nice. When we were done, my husband was there waiting for us, we grabbed some Tim Hortons Medium Double-Doubles and some Timbits for the kids and we made our way to the beautiful "Burnaby Mountain Park" which is very close to my house and the views are breath-taking. We walked around  and smelled the many different roses in the rose gardens they have.

Then I headed home and got ready for the party. Picked Khaled up at school...and headed out to my Mom's for yummy lasagna, cake and icecream. Mmmmm. My brother and I made Dr. Pepper Icecream Floats :) We had a great time with all the family and now I am going to bed until tomorrow.

Day 46 Round 2:

1Hour BodyCombat
10mins. Elliptical

Good-Night :)

Day 45 Round 2

This morning...after 4 days off I was sooo lazy and sluggish. I actually felt like giving up! I just wanted to sleep. But I made myself get out of bed (after the kids woke and I knewww I wasn't getting back to sleep at that point), and my hubby had an appointment for his back near my gym anyways. So why not? I got us all ready but not in time to make it for the first class which was RPM. So my husband dropped my son off at school...came back and we all got ready...hopped in the car an headed down the mountain. (I live on a beautiful mountain) I missed RPM but I made it to 1Hour BodyPump with Sylva who is an amazing instructor, and I even added a little weight to my usuals. The chest, triceps, and bicep tracks and YIKES...then I had 1Hour to kill before the next class, the kids were now with hubby so I was free. I think I just chatted with people I forget...but then I went off to 1Hour Hot Yoga with one of the new instructors and she is really nice. She does this thing she called "pushy pushy shouldie shouldie" so cute...she calls it that and it is at the end when we are in "Shabasana"(the relaxing on the floor after the practice) where she comes around and pushes firmly your shoulders into the ground...and your arms and forearms and it is really relaxing. She has a really nice personality.

Then I remembered I hate a "date" with Elly on the RPM bike in the evening. And I was going to do Pump, RPM and then Combat. But I already did Pump in the morning and that is not a class that should be done more than once a day and it is already only recommended every 2 days. So I thought I would just go for RPM and then I made it there, only to realize the RPM class was at 6:15pm and NOT 6:30pm I was too late to cut into the class and I even had my RPM shoes on :( I was sad...but I still dropped the kiddies off at the child-minding and then headed to the Elliptical and did that for 20mins. while chatting with one of the other Mom's. And then after my friends were out of the RPM class...we chatted and chatted until 7:30pm when BodyCombat started. And they went home and off I went for 1Hour BodyCombat.

Day 45 Tuesday September 14:

1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Hot Yoga
20mins. Elliptical
1Hour BodyCombat

Busy day planned for tomorrow...but there are a few choices at certain times so I will play it by ear and see which ones I get accomplished.

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 44 Round 2 Day off

So on Monday the 13th...I had my Canadian Marriage in my living room hehe. The Justice of the Peace came to my house and my Mom and Step-Dad were the witnesses. I needed to get this done. So it was so last minute...well we got the marriage license almost 3 months ago but it expires after 3 months so we just did it yesterday. I have been married for years Islamically though.

So I took the day off because my Mom and Step-Dad were here and we went out for lunch at our favourite Greek Restaurant and then we just went to the mall...that's pretty much it. :)

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Break for Weekend and Eid...

I took 3 days off again. Friday was we went for breakfast with some friends and their kids and then met again at my house and just hung out. My friend Iman is American and married to an Emirati cool. Her hubby and mine are both doctors together as well as fellow Emiratis. Then Saturday was spent with the same friends and we went to Rocky Point Park for a BBQ. I think this WHOLE weekend I ate almost a whole cheesecake. I tried to blame it on Iman LOL but my hubby didn't believe me hehehe sooo Feeling yucky. So then after Rocky Point Park we went to my house again and the guys went to a movie while we hung out. So now today is Sunday and we are spending time at my sisters house with my family. Tomorrow I have to get back at the gym and back to my mission.

Day 41, 42 & 43:


Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 40 Round 2

So to catch up where I left off earlier today...I cooked a really yummy Shrimp Biryani for supper...walked to get Khaled at school with the two little ones and, then we played at the park until it was time to get some supper. Had a nice walk home and Baba was waiting for us. We all had supper and then relaxed in the house a while before heading to my classes and the kids' Jump Program.

So down the mountain we go...and I did 45min. BodyPump class and ran off to do 55min. RPM class. Last minute my gym-buddy Elly walked in which made the class more fun. I like to have some friends in there to go through the pain together. Elly and I have twin, matching cool RPM shoes. I didn't get to do Hot Yoga after those two classes because my husband was tired and wanted just to go home...soooo I was like alright because I DID already do that this morning :) I had a Tim Horton's Medium Double-Double on the drive home though...they didn't have decaf brewed leaving me with lots of energy left so will strap on my 2lb ankle weights and do some leg lifts and kicks and whatever exercise comes to my mind while I watch some TV and clean the house a little. Ta Ta for now!

OoooooooOOOOooooooooh and I also fit into a pair of pants that were tight with muffin-top when I came back with that 23Lb. gain...but now they are fitting with NO muffin-top! Woohoo!

Day 40 September 9:

1Hour Hot Yoga (Vinyasa)
45min. BodyPump
55min. RPM

Love Kasey Doodle

Day 39.5 Round 2

I got up this morning and I was still sore from yesterday. So I brought Khaled to school and it was a nice wake-up walk for us together. Fresh Mountain air :) So then when I came back home I decided just to go for 1Hour Vinyasa Hot Yoga (which is a flow type). I came home and had a nice chat with my friend "Twizzle" from UAE, a nice long hot shower and now I am going to try to cook, then get Khaled from school.

I will be back at the gym tonight for a few classes as well. :)

Love Kasey

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 39 Round 2 Complete!

Day 39 is COMPLETE and I am BEAT! Let me tell you...I am sommmme tired out...I may just take tomorrow morning off! Hehehe!

I think the the TIME I spend at the gym...sometimes I feel guilty,but I don't go on the weekends...the kids have fun while I am not there at the parks and stuff, but they also have fun there with their friends in "Gym School". I don't is crazy to think... for example, today I spent over 4.5 hours THERE...yikes! I will get to my goal and then I will cut down because it is a LOT. It will be a while though before I get to my goal Waaaaaaaah :(

Day 39 September 8:

1Hour BodyCombat
35min. Sauna Relaxing
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Hot Yoga

Now I am off for a nice shower and then sleep! See ya tomorrow...I won't make a plan for tomorrow because I will see how energetic I feel when I get up and bring Khaled to school. But it is better if I go because it gives the little kids something to do that is fun in the morning...gets me up and moving and it's fun too. Well... I think I may do RPM or PUMP and after that Hot Yoga for relaxation and it is really nice because the mornings are chilly and it is so warm in the studio!

I am so happy I added Unlimited Hot Yoga to my Gym Membership, because I have been going a lot...I love it and it id definitely a great fall/winter pastime.

Love Kasey

Day 38.5 Round 2

I had a really nice morning. I got up and got my little Khaled showered and dressed for school. I had the other two all cleaned up at night so I just put some clothes on them and washed them up. Dropped Khaled off at school...then my husband drove me down to the gym while he was off to an appointment. I did 1Hour BodyCombat class and then I headed over to the relaxing Sauna for 35mins. It is sooo relaxing and calming to sit  in the smells so nice in there and you can just be alone to think and feel the warmy-ness. Then I had a quick shower and picked up my two little ones at "Gym School" which they love! My hubby was waiting downstairs for us...we got Tim Hortons double-double coffees and drove home. Now my little baby Mohammed is napping and Hessah and I are snuggled on the couch watching "The Wiggles."

I really started my day great! It was especially great because I wasn't even going to go this morning but I did anyways. Alhamdullilah for everything...and just waiting for the afternoon community event at the school/park we are all going too and then back in the gym this evening for: BodyPump, RPM and Hot Yoga :)

Looove Kasey

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 do I remove?

I would LOVE to know how to remove those things under my comments. The twitter/facebook link things and also how to remove the comment box tick offs saying cool and reactions to the post. I don't like those and have looked everywhere on how to take it off... :) Thanks in advance!

Day 38 Round 2

Well today was my son Khaled's first day of Grade 3...he started a brand new school just minutes from my doorstep...and it is beautiful I must say! I was so happy to see another fellow Muslimah Mom from Saudi Arabia and her name is UmmAbdullah....she is so nice MashaAllah in her cute little pashmina niqaab and abayya. So it was so nice meeting up with her again but let me tell you...I have to brush on on my Arabi because she does not speak very much Englaisi! :) Our kids were in the same class last year.

After the morning at the school, we went to the park with our great neighbours/friends Lisa and her son Leo who is in Khaled's class, and they have been in the same classes since Kindergarten! It was fun! Then off to Tim Hortons for a coffee with my husband....Staples for school supplies....then the Gym. I was so happy my little gym buddy Elly showed up for BodyCombat and for the first two classes I had Lydia. They are the cutest little sure do meet some great women at the gym!

Day 38 September 7:

1Hour BodyStep
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour BodyCombat

I wonder if anyone actually reads this? Oh well if is my own little diary of my weight loss attempts and keeps me motivated. :D

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 36 Sunday andDay 37 Holiday

BOTH are:

DAYS could I? But I did! :( And I was not eating very wise either! Waaaah oh well back at it today!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Day 35

Workout-wise...I took today off. I really ate a lot of no-no's :( But I hope I can get there tomorrow because Monday is a holiday and they only have classes in the morning. But on the weekends the classes start sooo early! 8:30am, so that means I have to be out of the house early with the kids and it is just not worth waking them all up for that. But as I said a million times IF I had my own car again it would be great...just like before I sneak out of the house and do my workouts and they are all sleeping pretty much when I come home. It was nice. Hope we hear about my husband's job, so I can know if I can get my own car again.

We had a great time today with the kids at the park again. They are so cute! I got a lot of cute pictures and I love them so much! I love my little family so much! Alhamdullilah for them! The weather was amazing! We also drove around, walked, had blue bubble-gum ice cream, oh and Tim Hortons coffee and ice cappuchinos! :P

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 34 Round 2

See? My Plan for Tomorrow is always just an ideal...not always does it get complete :P

So for today I slept in and took a break instead but I did get there for BodyPump and BodyCombat and it was really great. This class was really fun tonight because it was a few tracks I never did before and it was a lot of work on the legs and butt...they were BURNING lol. I felt energized and rested. Then I kind of went a little overboard on some goodies this evening hehehe! Hope that doesn't put me behind. I really have to smarten up with my eating plan!

Day 34 September 3:

30min. BodyPump Express
1Hour BodyCombat

Plan for my Weekend!
To actually get there because I have not been to the gym on a weekend in a LONG LONNNG time! :P So lets just see how that works! IF I had my own car back I would definetely be there though.

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 33 Round 2

Day 33 is complete with an evening of BodyPump, RPM, and Hot Yoga. Hope I can get there tomorrow morning because I love BodyAttack and I only get a chance to do it one time each week which is Friday morning.

Day 33 September 2:

45min. BodyPump
55min. RPM
75min. Hot Yoga

Plan for Tomorrow:

1Hour BodyAttack
1Hour BodyFlow (MAYBE)
30min. BodyPump Express
1Hour BodyCombat

Then it's the WEEKEND :) I wonder what that will bring?

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 32: Weight & Measurement Check

It has been a few weeks since I did the measurements so I will call this one Day 32 and then I will do them every week from here. The first bracket I will not put inches lost just (-In) because I will put the weekly loss in there next week.

SO below I will put my last measurement loss BEFORE I left and then in brackets I will put what I gained while I was in UAE for 4.5 months...then once I am back to the previous measures, the brackets will disappear and then I will just InshaAllah (God Willing) continue on my way down :)

"X" for WEIGHT is what I was from the beginning of November (in brackets is what I gained while away) and in (red brackets is what I have lost since Round 2 so 31 days)
"X" for INCHES is what I was from January 5 (In brackets right after the body part is what I lost since the Round 1 started and what I was before I went away, and after that is the TOTAL from January 5) GOT IT? :D

The RED in the red brackets is my gain from 4.5 months of doing nothing!

X = -39 Lbs. (+23 Lbs. GAIN while I was away! YUCK!) (-8 Lbs. in 32 days)

So in those 6 weeks of ROUND ONE I lost: 15 Lbs.

Measurements: 42 days in Round 1 to lose the TOTAL Inches below, and here in red (brackets) is the how much I have left to lose to get back to what I was before I left. Waaaaah! If there is no red bracket it means I am back to or less than what I was before I left.

Right Arm (-In) so TOTAL = X - 1.75 In
Left Arm (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.0 In
Bust (- In) so TOTAL= X - 4.0 In
Under Bust (-In) so TOTAL = X - 4.5 In (1 In to go)
Waist (-In) so TOTAL = X - 4.0 In (1 In to go)
Belly Button (-In) so TOTAL = X - 6.0 In(1 In to go)
Hips (- In) so TOTAL = X - 4.5 In
Bum (-In) so TOTAL = X - 3.25 In (1.25 In to go)
Right Thigh (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.25 In (1 In to go )
Left Thigh (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.25 In(1 In to go)
Right Calf (-In) so TOTAL = X - 0.75 In
Left Calf (-In) so TOTAL = X - 0.75 In (0.25 In to go)
--------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
TOTAL GAIN = 20.5 Inches (waaah) - Day 32 Round 2 LOSS so far = -14 Inches

WEEK 6 TOTAL = 4.25 Inches
WEEK 5 TOTAL = 5.75 Inches
WEEK 4 TOTAL = 4.75 Inches
WEEK 3 TOTAL = 7.25 Inches
WEEK 2 TOTAL = -7.75 Inches
WEEK 1 TOTAL = - 6.25 Inches
GRAND TOTAL = - 36 Inches

Measurements are from the day I started working out (Jan2010), and NOT from the beginning...I did not measure back then because I was not wanting to we will continue this way until the brackets with the weight-gain disappears, which many have already :)

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled

Day 32.5

Well I woke up this morning and my husband felt like sleeping in (I really want my own car again! I hope soon, but we just have to make sure we are staying for a while) I was going to be able to make it to Hot Yoga, but I decided I can get all the classes in this evening and took a little break! So we got all showered and out of the house and headed to Tim Hortons to get our picnic...then we headed to beautiful Rocky Point Park...we had a great time...the kids played and we walked around the water. It is one of my favourite places and has beautiful views. So now I am back home. Kids are napping and relaxing until we go the the gym. So I will catch up with 55min. RPM, 1Hour BodyPump and finish the evening off with 75min. Hot Yoga with one of my favourite instructors Linda :) Such a relaxing class and so nice and warm in the room.

About Hot Yoga: At first I tried a trial class...I was alright with it, but I have little patience for holding these positions and was having a hard time just relaxing. But, I decided when I came back from UAE to add it to my gym package and have been going several times a week and I love it! I find that my last 3 classes I am much more patient and have the strength to hold the positions and I am really enjoying it. I love the warm room and you really sweat up a storm in there, so it is nice!

Well i did my measurements today so I will record them. I took a lot of days off, so it isn't dramatic or anything but I will record it so I can do it weekly again from now on.

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 32 Round 2

I had a nice day today. I almost stuck to my plan but I was a little lazy this morning and that resulted in missing the fun BodyCombat class...but I still made it there, because my husband has appointments every morning close by with the physiotherapist. So, first off I dropped the kids off in the Jump Program they have at the gym...headed down to Tim Hortons and got some coffee and some breakfast for the kids...and since I missed the class anyways I was not on a time limit, so I sat in there and had coffee with the girls and fed my kids. Then an HOUR later hehehe maybe a little more...I went off to the stair-stepper...and did that for off and headed to the treadmill and did a 10min. incline walk...then I headed off to the Sauna for 30mins. to relax. Finally I had a shower and was finished for the morning knowing I would be able to make it up in the evening.

So then after our day...I went back to the gym and completed 55min. RPM, 1Hour BodyPump and 75min. Hot Yoga. Now I am just home relaxing on the couch after my nice shower. Going to watch a movie in my bed :)

Day 32 September 1:

2min. StairStepper
10min. Treadmill
30min. Sauna
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump
75min. Hot Yoga

Plan for Tomorrow:

55min. RPM or 1Hour BodyPump (depending what time I get there)
75min. Hot Yoga (Vinyasa I think)
55min RPM
1Hour BodyPump (IF I didn't do in the morning)
75min. HotYoga

Anyways about my "Plan for Tomorrows"...those don't ever really happen exactly as I write them...I just look at the schedule and choose what I would ideally like to do...I will probably only do Hot Yoga in the morning because the other classes are also offered in the evening...but I would prefer RPM because it burns more calories and I CAN do RPM twice in one day and I have before...but BodyPump burns less calories but better to only do once in a day or once every two days because your muscles need the break. I HAVE done it twice in a day before and I would prefer to do RPM twice if I have to do one class twice tomorrow. But I hope I can get there for 9:15am for that RPM! The BodyPump starts 15mins. later but sometimes the early class seems hard to get to. Hot Yoga twice a day is fine for one day a is nice and relaxing at the end of an evening :)

Well off I go to watch that movie...

Love Kasey