Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 49, 50, 51 of Round 2

All those days were Days OFF...I hate it when I do that but I did and can't change it. I didn't come on and write but I had my Canadian Wedding at my Mom's...she made this beautiful little gathering. So pretty and decorated nice. The colors were my faves teal and fushia. It was really nice. I will write more later.

Day 49, Day 50, Day 51:


  1. Be strong though, you can always start over =) It generally just takes two days for your body to get back on track so don't worry!

  2. hey you didn't call me back!!

    I forgot to ask you about the wedding party. you can tell me all about it tomorrow inshallah!

    inshallah I will try to call you before my dh goes to bed tomorrow :)

  3. Thanks Mrs Handbag and Ohh Twizzle...ya it is cause I had to get to the gym :) Love ya!