Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 38.5 Round 2

I had a really nice morning. I got up and got my little Khaled showered and dressed for school. I had the other two all cleaned up at night so I just put some clothes on them and washed them up. Dropped Khaled off at school...then my husband drove me down to the gym while he was off to an appointment. I did 1Hour BodyCombat class and then I headed over to the relaxing Sauna for 35mins. It is sooo relaxing and calming to sit  in the smells so nice in there and you can just be alone to think and feel the warmy-ness. Then I had a quick shower and picked up my two little ones at "Gym School" which they love! My hubby was waiting downstairs for us...we got Tim Hortons double-double coffees and drove home. Now my little baby Mohammed is napping and Hessah and I are snuggled on the couch watching "The Wiggles."

I really started my day great! It was especially great because I wasn't even going to go this morning but I did anyways. Alhamdullilah for everything...and just waiting for the afternoon community event at the school/park we are all going too and then back in the gym this evening for: BodyPump, RPM and Hot Yoga :)

Looove Kasey


  1. Aww, Kasey Doodle, I love seeing that you're taking care of yourself! Every time I see you say something about the gym on FB I smile - first b/c it's nice to know it makes you happy, and second b/c I know if I were to even do a 5 minute walking class, I'd die. LOL Keep up the good work at the gym!

  2. Awwww thanks. Who are ya anyways hehehe...I am going to get on your blog and find out..and follow you :) Yah it makes me happy :) And thanks!

  3. Ooops I can't get on your blog BUT from what I see I think you are the twins mother? And I right? Add meeeeee :(