Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 52 Round 2

I made it back to the gym woohoo. I did not go in the morning like I wanted because I had some friends over for an Iftaar last night. My friend was fasting and made a yummy arabian dish that we make in UAE called Thareed/Mathrooba (chicken and veggies in a stew-like sauce over chopped pita bread) and salad...and we had coffee and carrot cake afterwards. I had my sweet little friend Aneesa, her daughter Amina and Jessica/Sumayyah over and we had a nice time. I was so tired in the morning because it went a little late. Too bad it was too last minute for Iman but InshaAllah we will have another get-together really soon.

I woke up this morning and Khaled was not feeling well. He had a slight fever last night and the chills. So I let him sleep in and we stayed home this morning. I did get in this evening and I did BodyStep, RPM and then BodyCombat. Saw my gym buddies Ellie (for RPM) and Lydia (for Step and RPM) which was nice. They really make it worth getting there every time because we are all in the same struggle and we have fun together working out.

This is so cool. Well I went to ay something at the desk...and the girl I know from the beginning said in front of me to the other girl at the desk "Ohh Kasey lived in UAE" I was wondering why she would say that to this random girl hehe...and I was like "Why did you too?" and she was like "No my boyfriend just moved back there" So that is cool...we may have another Canadian girl in UAE within the year. That would be so is nice to have people who are in the same boat and understand what we go through being married to different cultures. Especially those with Khaleeji husbands. Her boyfriend is originally Omani but is living in UAE. Small little world...I hope we can get together when we are all in UAE :)

Well I am off to bed I suppose. I have to be fresh to get back to the gym tomorrow I will be back :)

Day 52:

1Hour BodyStep
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyCombat

Looooove Kasey UmmKhaled

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