Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Day 35

Workout-wise...I took today off. I really ate a lot of no-no's :( But I hope I can get there tomorrow because Monday is a holiday and they only have classes in the morning. But on the weekends the classes start sooo early! 8:30am, so that means I have to be out of the house early with the kids and it is just not worth waking them all up for that. But as I said a million times IF I had my own car again it would be great...just like before I sneak out of the house and do my workouts and they are all sleeping pretty much when I come home. It was nice. Hope we hear about my husband's job, so I can know if I can get my own car again.

We had a great time today with the kids at the park again. They are so cute! I got a lot of cute pictures and I love them so much! I love my little family so much! Alhamdullilah for them! The weather was amazing! We also drove around, walked, had blue bubble-gum ice cream, oh and Tim Hortons coffee and ice cappuchinos! :P

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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