Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 45 Round 2

This morning...after 4 days off I was sooo lazy and sluggish. I actually felt like giving up! I just wanted to sleep. But I made myself get out of bed (after the kids woke and I knewww I wasn't getting back to sleep at that point), and my hubby had an appointment for his back near my gym anyways. So why not? I got us all ready but not in time to make it for the first class which was RPM. So my husband dropped my son off at school...came back and we all got ready...hopped in the car an headed down the mountain. (I live on a beautiful mountain) I missed RPM but I made it to 1Hour BodyPump with Sylva who is an amazing instructor, and I even added a little weight to my usuals. The chest, triceps, and bicep tracks and YIKES...then I had 1Hour to kill before the next class, the kids were now with hubby so I was free. I think I just chatted with people I forget...but then I went off to 1Hour Hot Yoga with one of the new instructors and she is really nice. She does this thing she called "pushy pushy shouldie shouldie" so cute...she calls it that and it is at the end when we are in "Shabasana"(the relaxing on the floor after the practice) where she comes around and pushes firmly your shoulders into the ground...and your arms and forearms and it is really relaxing. She has a really nice personality.

Then I remembered I hate a "date" with Elly on the RPM bike in the evening. And I was going to do Pump, RPM and then Combat. But I already did Pump in the morning and that is not a class that should be done more than once a day and it is already only recommended every 2 days. So I thought I would just go for RPM and then I made it there, only to realize the RPM class was at 6:15pm and NOT 6:30pm I was too late to cut into the class and I even had my RPM shoes on :( I was sad...but I still dropped the kiddies off at the child-minding and then headed to the Elliptical and did that for 20mins. while chatting with one of the other Mom's. And then after my friends were out of the RPM class...we chatted and chatted until 7:30pm when BodyCombat started. And they went home and off I went for 1Hour BodyCombat.

Day 45 Tuesday September 14:

1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Hot Yoga
20mins. Elliptical
1Hour BodyCombat

Busy day planned for tomorrow...but there are a few choices at certain times so I will play it by ear and see which ones I get accomplished.

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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