Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 39 Round 2 Complete!

Day 39 is COMPLETE and I am BEAT! Let me tell you...I am sommmme tired out...I may just take tomorrow morning off! Hehehe!

I think the the TIME I spend at the gym...sometimes I feel guilty,but I don't go on the weekends...the kids have fun while I am not there at the parks and stuff, but they also have fun there with their friends in "Gym School". I don't is crazy to think... for example, today I spent over 4.5 hours THERE...yikes! I will get to my goal and then I will cut down because it is a LOT. It will be a while though before I get to my goal Waaaaaaaah :(

Day 39 September 8:

1Hour BodyCombat
35min. Sauna Relaxing
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Hot Yoga

Now I am off for a nice shower and then sleep! See ya tomorrow...I won't make a plan for tomorrow because I will see how energetic I feel when I get up and bring Khaled to school. But it is better if I go because it gives the little kids something to do that is fun in the morning...gets me up and moving and it's fun too. Well... I think I may do RPM or PUMP and after that Hot Yoga for relaxation and it is really nice because the mornings are chilly and it is so warm in the studio!

I am so happy I added Unlimited Hot Yoga to my Gym Membership, because I have been going a lot...I love it and it id definitely a great fall/winter pastime.

Love Kasey

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