Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 46 Round 2

View from Burnaby Mountain Park
(Beautiful Park just minutes from my home)

Today I took it a little easy and only went to the gym in the morning because I had my Nephew Jacob's 9th Birthday party to go to at my sister's in the evening. I woke up in the morning, got the kiddies ready and dropped Khaled off at school. Then we drove down the mountain and my husband dropped us off. The kids were so excited to get to "GymSchool" so off we went. I did 1Hour BodyCombat and then 10minutes on the Elliptical Machine. I was still sore from last night's Combat class though, but I made it through. Then I sat and chatted with some of the girls which is always nice. When we were done, my husband was there waiting for us, we grabbed some Tim Hortons Medium Double-Doubles and some Timbits for the kids and we made our way to the beautiful "Burnaby Mountain Park" which is very close to my house and the views are breath-taking. We walked around  and smelled the many different roses in the rose gardens they have.

Then I headed home and got ready for the party. Picked Khaled up at school...and headed out to my Mom's for yummy lasagna, cake and icecream. Mmmmm. My brother and I made Dr. Pepper Icecream Floats :) We had a great time with all the family and now I am going to bed until tomorrow.

Day 46 Round 2:

1Hour BodyCombat
10mins. Elliptical

Good-Night :)

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