Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 40 Round 2

So to catch up where I left off earlier today...I cooked a really yummy Shrimp Biryani for supper...walked to get Khaled at school with the two little ones and, then we played at the park until it was time to get some supper. Had a nice walk home and Baba was waiting for us. We all had supper and then relaxed in the house a while before heading to my classes and the kids' Jump Program.

So down the mountain we go...and I did 45min. BodyPump class and ran off to do 55min. RPM class. Last minute my gym-buddy Elly walked in which made the class more fun. I like to have some friends in there to go through the pain together. Elly and I have twin, matching cool RPM shoes. I didn't get to do Hot Yoga after those two classes because my husband was tired and wanted just to go home...soooo I was like alright because I DID already do that this morning :) I had a Tim Horton's Medium Double-Double on the drive home though...they didn't have decaf brewed leaving me with lots of energy left so will strap on my 2lb ankle weights and do some leg lifts and kicks and whatever exercise comes to my mind while I watch some TV and clean the house a little. Ta Ta for now!

OoooooooOOOOooooooooh and I also fit into a pair of pants that were tight with muffin-top when I came back with that 23Lb. gain...but now they are fitting with NO muffin-top! Woohoo!

Day 40 September 9:

1Hour Hot Yoga (Vinyasa)
45min. BodyPump
55min. RPM

Love Kasey Doodle

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