Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 47 Round 2

I am home from my evening round at the gym and let me tell you I am beat! I am glad this day of workouts is over! I wish I could get to my goal so I can tone this down :( It is really draining. So this evening, I went back and did BodyPump, RPM again and then Hot Yoga. I did RPM twice today has been a while since I have done that...I actually like doing that because you really have a lot of energy the second time around which is surprising to think. But there are several hours between my morning and evening workouts. I felt really energized after but it was the 75min. Hot Yoga that took all my energy...the heat and stuff after so much other exercise. So I had a big long day today. I am thinking of taking the morning off and only going tomorrow evening for AwesomeAbs and BodyPump. Tomorrow morning is BodyAttack and I love that class...really great calorie burner and fun too! I feel I need a break though. After that is BodyFlow but it is not a favourite of mine but I do like it once in a while. I prefer the Hot Yoga if I had to choose.

Well tired little old me is off to my cozy nest (bed). My Mom always called our beds our "little nests" my Mom is so cute! I love her so much! Ohh first I will have a nice warmie shower because I desperately need one hehehe and I am freezing.

Day 47 September 16:

55min. RPM
45min. AwesomeAbs/BetterBacks
45min. BodyPump
55min. RPM
75min. Hot Yoga

I don't recommend that to anyone viewing from home. Yikes lol! I must be doing too much because I am not getting the results I used to get while doing this crazy stuff...but maybe and I hope this is just gaining muscle.

Loooooove Kasey UmmKhaled

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