Saturday, September 18, 2010

I wanna be on the "Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp" show!

Today while I was in my gym...I saw the star trainer of "The Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp" it is a show I watch all the time on "Slice Channel" as well as "Bulging Brides" I really love that show and it is motivating. So I was in my gym and in the childcare area...and Tommy Europe walked in...I was like "Ohhh you are the guy from "Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp" he was like "Yes I am" :) That was really cool. Just shows how cool my gym is!

Funny thing I applied one time to get on that show because it is filmed here in Vancouver...I wish I could so much! I would love it. And I said to a girl that works there with the kiddies that I applied, and she was like me tooooo! LOL. I wanted to be on but I was leaving in 6 weeks so that would have meant not enough time. I just thought that was so cool. Come and get me to be on the show! Pretty Please!

Love Kasey :)


  1. that is pretty cool.. I would love to be on a weight loss show :) Yala apply again so we can see you in action :P

  2. aww maybe I will..let me see if my gym buddy wants to do it together and then I shall because I would love it!