Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 39.5 Round 2

I got up this morning and I was still sore from yesterday. So I brought Khaled to school and it was a nice wake-up walk for us together. Fresh Mountain air :) So then when I came back home I decided just to go for 1Hour Vinyasa Hot Yoga (which is a flow type). I came home and had a nice chat with my friend "Twizzle" from UAE, a nice long hot shower and now I am going to try to cook, then get Khaled from school.

I will be back at the gym tonight for a few classes as well. :)

Love Kasey


  1. Hey girly girl!! Sorry I didn't call you back, I got called to help finish setting up for tomorrow--and then just hung out with the family. inshallha we can talk tomorrow :) luv ya!

  2. Ohh No problemo...have a nice Eid My little friend!