Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 32.5

Well I woke up this morning and my husband felt like sleeping in (I really want my own car again! I hope soon, but we just have to make sure we are staying for a while) I was going to be able to make it to Hot Yoga, but I decided I can get all the classes in this evening and took a little break! So we got all showered and out of the house and headed to Tim Hortons to get our picnic...then we headed to beautiful Rocky Point Park...we had a great time...the kids played and we walked around the water. It is one of my favourite places and has beautiful views. So now I am back home. Kids are napping and relaxing until we go the the gym. So I will catch up with 55min. RPM, 1Hour BodyPump and finish the evening off with 75min. Hot Yoga with one of my favourite instructors Linda :) Such a relaxing class and so nice and warm in the room.

About Hot Yoga: At first I tried a trial class...I was alright with it, but I have little patience for holding these positions and was having a hard time just relaxing. But, I decided when I came back from UAE to add it to my gym package and have been going several times a week and I love it! I find that my last 3 classes I am much more patient and have the strength to hold the positions and I am really enjoying it. I love the warm room and you really sweat up a storm in there, so it is nice!

Well i did my measurements today so I will record them. I took a lot of days off, so it isn't dramatic or anything but I will record it so I can do it weekly again from now on.

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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