Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 32: Weight & Measurement Check

It has been a few weeks since I did the measurements so I will call this one Day 32 and then I will do them every week from here. The first bracket I will not put inches lost just (-In) because I will put the weekly loss in there next week.

SO below I will put my last measurement loss BEFORE I left and then in brackets I will put what I gained while I was in UAE for 4.5 months...then once I am back to the previous measures, the brackets will disappear and then I will just InshaAllah (God Willing) continue on my way down :)

"X" for WEIGHT is what I was from the beginning of November (in brackets is what I gained while away) and in (red brackets is what I have lost since Round 2 so 31 days)
"X" for INCHES is what I was from January 5 (In brackets right after the body part is what I lost since the Round 1 started and what I was before I went away, and after that is the TOTAL from January 5) GOT IT? :D

The RED in the red brackets is my gain from 4.5 months of doing nothing!

X = -39 Lbs. (+23 Lbs. GAIN while I was away! YUCK!) (-8 Lbs. in 32 days)

So in those 6 weeks of ROUND ONE I lost: 15 Lbs.

Measurements: 42 days in Round 1 to lose the TOTAL Inches below, and here in red (brackets) is the how much I have left to lose to get back to what I was before I left. Waaaaah! If there is no red bracket it means I am back to or less than what I was before I left.

Right Arm (-In) so TOTAL = X - 1.75 In
Left Arm (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.0 In
Bust (- In) so TOTAL= X - 4.0 In
Under Bust (-In) so TOTAL = X - 4.5 In (1 In to go)
Waist (-In) so TOTAL = X - 4.0 In (1 In to go)
Belly Button (-In) so TOTAL = X - 6.0 In(1 In to go)
Hips (- In) so TOTAL = X - 4.5 In
Bum (-In) so TOTAL = X - 3.25 In (1.25 In to go)
Right Thigh (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.25 In (1 In to go )
Left Thigh (-In) so TOTAL = X - 2.25 In(1 In to go)
Right Calf (-In) so TOTAL = X - 0.75 In
Left Calf (-In) so TOTAL = X - 0.75 In (0.25 In to go)
--------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
TOTAL GAIN = 20.5 Inches (waaah) - Day 32 Round 2 LOSS so far = -14 Inches

WEEK 6 TOTAL = 4.25 Inches
WEEK 5 TOTAL = 5.75 Inches
WEEK 4 TOTAL = 4.75 Inches
WEEK 3 TOTAL = 7.25 Inches
WEEK 2 TOTAL = -7.75 Inches
WEEK 1 TOTAL = - 6.25 Inches
GRAND TOTAL = - 36 Inches

Measurements are from the day I started working out (Jan2010), and NOT from the beginning...I did not measure back then because I was not wanting to we will continue this way until the brackets with the weight-gain disappears, which many have already :)

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled

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