Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 32 Round 2

I had a nice day today. I almost stuck to my plan but I was a little lazy this morning and that resulted in missing the fun BodyCombat class...but I still made it there, because my husband has appointments every morning close by with the physiotherapist. So, first off I dropped the kids off in the Jump Program they have at the gym...headed down to Tim Hortons and got some coffee and some breakfast for the kids...and since I missed the class anyways I was not on a time limit, so I sat in there and had coffee with the girls and fed my kids. Then an HOUR later hehehe maybe a little more...I went off to the stair-stepper...and did that for off and headed to the treadmill and did a 10min. incline walk...then I headed off to the Sauna for 30mins. to relax. Finally I had a shower and was finished for the morning knowing I would be able to make it up in the evening.

So then after our day...I went back to the gym and completed 55min. RPM, 1Hour BodyPump and 75min. Hot Yoga. Now I am just home relaxing on the couch after my nice shower. Going to watch a movie in my bed :)

Day 32 September 1:

2min. StairStepper
10min. Treadmill
30min. Sauna
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump
75min. Hot Yoga

Plan for Tomorrow:

55min. RPM or 1Hour BodyPump (depending what time I get there)
75min. Hot Yoga (Vinyasa I think)
55min RPM
1Hour BodyPump (IF I didn't do in the morning)
75min. HotYoga

Anyways about my "Plan for Tomorrows"...those don't ever really happen exactly as I write them...I just look at the schedule and choose what I would ideally like to do...I will probably only do Hot Yoga in the morning because the other classes are also offered in the evening...but I would prefer RPM because it burns more calories and I CAN do RPM twice in one day and I have before...but BodyPump burns less calories but better to only do once in a day or once every two days because your muscles need the break. I HAVE done it twice in a day before and I would prefer to do RPM twice if I have to do one class twice tomorrow. But I hope I can get there for 9:15am for that RPM! The BodyPump starts 15mins. later but sometimes the early class seems hard to get to. Hot Yoga twice a day is fine for one day a is nice and relaxing at the end of an evening :)

Well off I go to watch that movie...

Love Kasey

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