Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 7 Complete...

So gladly Day 7 is finished and I am defiently going to bed early tonight as I am currently sitting with a hot-water bottle on my knees. So, re-cap from this morning... 1Hour Spinning Class and 1Hour BodyPump Class under my belt now :)

Now for the evening work-out. I was kind of tired tonight so I was not going to go...but I was like well I will just go for the BodyStep Class and then that will be it...but then I got energy all over again...completed the 1Hour BodyStep Class and then myself and the lady I met before (massage-chair lady hehe) we were like.. Her: "Are you gonna go to Spinning?" and then Me: "Are youuu gonna go?" And we were like "Fine...let's go and do 1/2 the class" soooooo off we WENT...and then I could not stop the class 1/2 way through because as you know it is just too GOOD of a class! So another 1Hour Spinning Class complete! Then I headed home...and had the most amazing dinner that BoKhaled cooked and it was indescribably yummy...now kids are in bed and I am off to bed wayyy earlier than usual cause I want to try to get up for the 6am Body Pump Class...cause my friend is going as well.

Day 7:
1Hour Spinning Class (RPM)
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour BodyStep
1Hour Spinning Class (RPM) again

Plan for Tomorrow: (I MAY take tomorrow off)
6:00am - 1Hour BodyPump (If my knees feel alright)
9:30am - BodyCombat (which I am sooo excited for)
6:00pm - My favorite Spinning (RPM) Class

AND tomorrow I will weigh cause it is ONE week down now, and I want to see if I am back to
X - 29 Lbs. as I had gained over the holidays hehe...

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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