Thursday, January 7, 2010

So here i am...

Well I decided to make a new little blog since the other two didn't last long. I hope to keep this one up though cause I want a little journal to look back upon and reflect as well as share things with friends and family. In my little blog I would just like to talk about my daily life...weight loss favorite recipes...things I like and anything else that comes to mind. Soooo here I am...

Love Kasey


  1. salam aleikom sis,

    i think we met once at the masjid. I was just leaving after cleaning w/Megan.

  2. welcome welcome welcome. let's see if we can keep this up? LOL

  3. Welcome!! Inshallah you keep up with it. It is nice to have a journal :)

  4. Hey Kassey congrats on the New blog...i'm definately gonna read it all the time hehe...i'm seriously on the same annoying path with weight loss....ahhh....never ending cycle lol..any way also since you know sooo much info about uae traditions and lifestyles ..i was wondering if you could write a blog about good advice when meeting the uae mother in law...for instance do you call them 'Umm" then ur husband name .... or what is important to make a great impression....islamically...?