Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 15 Complete...

Salam Aleikum...

Ahhhh another day behind me and it feels so great! Livin' the "GoodLife" (like the name of the gym) In addition to this mornings work-out I added 1Hour Spinning Class and then 30mins. in the wonderful Sauna...showered...and picked the kids up from their AMAZING Jump Child-Minding Program (it is sooo amazing and the girls are even more than amazing I can't even describe it) I mean I get 2Hours all to myself EVERYDAY and then some evenings as well...and I don't even feel guilty about it because they are really great...they love the kids and the kids love them...even the baby with his "Gym-Mommy Ashley" it is soo cute and I have peace of mind which is what every Mommy needs. This Gym is really over and above and MORE! Seriously, I can't be more happy these days! Alhamdullilah!

Now for my weakness of today...well we went to Costco and bought these amazing Pita Chips and Tzatziki Dip...and everytime I pass them I have a few hehehehe...I have to hide them or my work will be out the window because I am definetly not where I wanna be yet...have a ways to go...but Ohhhh I wish BoKhaled would have took those to work!

Day 15:
1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour BodyFlow
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
30mins. in the Sauna

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour Spinning (RPM)
Then MAYBE because there are no other classes that I want other than.....wait for it....
1Hour Spinning (RPM) *LOL*
30mins. Sauna

Ohh and I have not been ignoring everyone...I just have been going to bed so early these days! Because I am tired and need to get up in the mornings and have energy :) Love you all!

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. talking to you now!!! and I'm so very proud of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you go girl!!!! masha'a'Allah! and having 2 hours by yourself! is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!! I love you!

  2. Thanks Texie!! Love you tooooo!!!!