Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 15.5....

I feel so friggin great! (Those who know me know I use that word a lot and it is not a bad word just so you know) But I really feel great! Wow! I just came home from my 1Hour Body Pump...followed by 1Hour Spinning. I ALMOST skipped the Spinning because the baby was home with BoKhaled who just got off call this I called him and I was like "can I?" and he was like "sure, the baby is still sleeping" so I WENT! And I..AM..Sooooo...Glad I did! This particular instructor is very motivating and tough "name like the lettuce" hehe! So anyways I am happy with my little old self today! I am now sitting and enjoying my Tim Hortons Coffee which I am now from a "Medium Double Double" to a "Medium 2 cream and ONE sugar" YAY!

Hopefully I get back tonight for the 7:30pm RPM Class and then a little Sauna...because tomorrow the only Spinning/RPM Class is at 6am and I think BoKhaled is working early so maybe no-can-do and I will miss my RPM-FIX! Waaahh! So I will probably have my butt back there tonight...

Also...since I LOVE Spinning...I am going to invest in a pair of Bike Shoes because it "enhances your performance" *LOL* and better for the knees :D

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

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