Monday, January 24, 2011

I want to start logging everyday again :)

With THAT SAID...I want to try to stick to that...I liked having it on here. I am logging everything on SparkPeople still and have been all along...but I like to have it on here too. SO here is my little....


--> Since coming back from UAE in July 2010, I have....
       Lost 37 Pounds!! Woohoo! As of today!

--> Since I started logging everything on Spark People, end of September I have:
       Lost 32 Pounds!! YAY Spark People!

--> Since 6 weeks post birth of Baby #3, (Born May 30 '09) I have:
      Lost 52 Pounds!! Woooo hoooo!

--> CRAZY THING is: I lost 23 Lbs 2X lol, and 7 Lbs 2X and another 5 Lbs 2X LOL Those were my ups and downs along the way :) learning curves we shall call them! But alas...they are OFF for good now InshaAllah (God Wiilling)

COULD already be at my Goal of a few more pounds but, I am really happy with what I have acoomplished so far and I would not really change any of that if I could go back! Wanna know why???? Because ,it took me gaining back that 23 Lbs, while away in UAE...coming back and losing 10 Lbs only to gain 5 Lbs of it back because I was under-eating and over-training, which made me so depressed about my weight that I found what really worked for me! Learning curves are good and definetly taught me you have to eat healthy to fuel your body AND workout to attain your Health & Weight-Loss Goals the RIGHT way! Now I know how to make it successful and I won't ever InshaAllah find myself back where I was!

Ohhh went to the SUN RUN Training on Sunday morning and followed that by BodyCombat...when we did the try-on for the Sun Run Shirts I got a SMALL! Woohoo! Woooooohoooo! I even tried it on over the shirt I was wearing :) Can't wait until it comes in :)


45min. BodyPump (Will add cals)
63min. RPM Extreme (674 Calories)

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. That must feel great, congratulations for the great success, you deserve it after all the hard work.
    An interesting point you mentioned that you gained 5 pounds back by under eating and over exercising. I didn't know that this could happen

  2. Assalam alaikum

    37 pounds! Mashallah, that's a very good job! Congratulations! I had to covert pounds into kg to realize how hard you worked to loose these 37 pounds! I hope you can keep them away for good and always be in good shape and happy about your body.

    I'm myself generally more happy in my slimmest times. I love being thin and light, makes me feel younger.

    If I ever need advice on loosing weight, I know who to turn to :)

  3. Aww you girlies are sweet! Ohh Moon it is soo the wrong way to do it because your body goes into starvation mode and this can work against you. After doing that enough you can mess up your metabolism..lose it and gaina nd lose and gain...very frustrating so the best way is eat to fuel your body so when u work out it is more efficient. If you work out too much and eat too will lose essential muscle and who wnts to lose muscle...NOT burns calories haveing you need protein to build muscle...fates too for hormones and stuff...and carbs for fuel to burn fat. So essential to eat and also to rest :) Your body needs it to rebuild and repair and if you starve your body will burn the wrong things like muscle which we need to look toned and to lose inches :)