Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emirati Style Jalabiyas

I was reading Khaleejia's Blog and she gave me an idea to post my Emirati-Style Jalabiyas. Now I think they are actually called "Muhawar" according to her blog, but someone correct me if I am wrong. Funny I don't know the actual name... I am married to an Emirati, and have gotten many of them made for my little old self.

When I first went to UAE and my Mother in Law and Sister in Laws were wanting me to go get some made, I was thinking in my Canadian head...No wayyyyyyyyy....I thought they were pretty but totally not my style. They were telling me to get some to wear to Auntie's homes and visiting. So anyways I gave in and went to choose material to bring to the tailors and chose some designs.

Here are a few from my "Collectione Personale" LOL "My Personal Collection":

So this one above is one of my newer ones. I just made it in February. I got it made at a place in Al-Ain. Pictured is the front and the sleeve. The colors are pretty and feminine. In the material which you cannot really see from the pics, it faintly has gold in the print.

This one above is my blues and purples one that my Mother in Law had made for me because we were going to be there for Eid. I love this one too. I like blues and purples and I had THE perfect house shalya for it and matched amazingly. I don't have a picture of the house shayla though, it is still in UAE. I left most of my jalabiyas there in my closet waiting for me. I only brought a few here to Canada.

This one above is another one my Mother in Law got made for me. It is not my usual colors that I choose as I am not an orange/red lover but it is cute on. The neckline is nice and it has fuzzy velvet detailing with gold threading. It has different sleeves which are a little looser than the traditional Emirati ones. (Sorry I don't know how to rotate the top picture but you get the idea)


This one above in purples, pinks, blues, greens and oranges (just about everything lol) I loved the material and my Mother in Law and Sister in Law had this design with different material, from Sharqiya (a tailor) in Al-Ain. I loved the design and I chose this material for it. It looks really nice on. The second picture is of the sleeve. (Sorry about the sideways pictures again) The last picture is a sideways closeup of the front. Such a funny thing about this design. I came back here to Canada and was having dinner with some Emirati friends who are the wives of some guys that work with my hubby. One of the girls brought out her favorite jalabiya in oranges and I was like "I have the SAME ONE...really I do!" But different colors, and I showed her the pic on my Blackberry. Because they were asking me if I like them. I guess I do!

I call the one above "My Christmas One" LOL Because when I chose the material...I loved it SOOooooo has nice shiny gold in the material but very faint. Anyways I went to the tailors to get it made and usually the tailor pics the thread colors for the front and the sleeves with what they think will look nice. Well it does look nice but I would have chose another color like the purple for the flowers, but it grew on me and I do love it. I even bought my Mom this material and she is making a dress for herself. Not a jalabiya...just a cute summer dress.  I think I got this one at Sharqiya in Al-Ain.

This one above, is one of my favorites and my daughter Hessah has the same one to match, but hers was so small they made it in what they call "teba" meaning "same-same design" (which is the stitching matches the design on the material on the front and sleeves) I just love this one, it is so feminine and shiny fushia tinted lip gloss goes so lovely with it. If you look closely, there is faint white sticching throughout in a design. It is really faint though, I do not know what that kind of detailing is called but it is on the material when you buy it. I think I got this one at Sharqiya in Al-Ain as well.

This one above, in browns and fushia is my daughter Hessah's. It is in the "teba" or "same same design" you can see here the stitching is done in the same design as the material. I love this type of design and I have a few like it.

This pink and teal one above is also one of my daughter Hessah's. It is in the "teba" or "same same design" as well. Very cute on her. She is 3 years old. She really loves them. When she wears them she says "I look like Mommy and Yedeti" (Yedeti means grandmother in arabic)

LoooooL as you can see...this one above, is a breast-feeding one! I got this made when I was breastfeeding Hessah, so it is an older one of mine. I am not a fan of white dresses, but I liked the material because it had the faint white detailing throughout it. So ya know how the Breastfeeding ones look...there is a different way they can look to where the cut is on the side. Anyways I don't wear this one anymore, even though I am still breastfeeding my son now, but something about that slit, I don't know lol!

My Mom when she is in UAE, she wears my jalabiyas and she looks soooooo CUTE! Even here in Canada, she wears her house jalabiyas as pajamas and just hanging around her house! I have more and I will post some more pictures. But they are in UAE and not here. But, I do have some pics of some of my Abayyas. I will post later.

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. They look nice mushallah. Hehe its cute that you have matching ones with your daughter. I am totally doing that when I have kids way way off in the future.

  2. I Loooooooove your dresses Umm Khaled :) Very nice! It's wonderful that you shared the pictures!

    This type of dress can be called a jalabiya, a kandora or muhawar

  3. Thanks a lot Boxie and khaleejia! I should post the other daughter ones. I have the teeniest ones baby ones and they are adorable! I have a picture of her in one and I should post it. Yah I have just been calling them jalabiyas and my inlaws call them jalabiyas too.

    Love your blog khaleejia...I save pics of soe abayyas on my cmputer to make...I especially love the malika one with purple on it! Sooo making that when I get back and I am skinny HEHEHEHEhehehehehe

  4. Sooo making that when I get back and I am skinny

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Mabrook sis! You are doing well! I'm sure you always look gorgeous in abaya!

  5. Yahh...when I am skinny :) Well I was comparing my measurements just last night to what they were before I gained that 23 pounds...when I was in UAE first part of the year...and now that I lost 17 of those pounds I am ACTUALLY less inches everywhere...except for 0.5 inches in 2 places and some parts are even though I have 6 pounds to go I will be inch-wise smaller sooo yah maybe that ABAYYA will be mine :) hehehe...are you in UAE by the way?

  6. I Need to buy some for my mother ...