Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 56 Round 2

On Day 56 I still continued my "New Thing" I will talk about in a new post. I was so busy the last few days. So let's see...This was just mind should work lol. Oh we slept in and Khaled was a little late...then my husband was going to be late for his appointment, and it was too rushed for me to make it to the gym in the morning. It was a beautiful day, and Hessah and I walked up to get Khaled while Mohammed had his nap.

UmmAbdullah, (the Saudi sister) was there picking up her children and we decided to  hang out at the park. We sure can carry on a conversation in arabic. I mean, I am not perfect but we can talk a lot and really carry on a good conversation. I do need a lot of practice though. We were having a nice time, sitting on the grass while the kids played, and 2 hours passed making me miss the first 2 classes at the gym. It was so nice though. MashaAllah she is a really nice sister. The baby woke up so my husband put the baby in the baby-seat and rode up to the park on his bike.  

After the park, we headed home...rounded everyone and snacks up for "Gym School" and off we went. I did 80min. of Hot Yoga with Linda which was nice. But missing a whole week of Hot Yoga made that class harder to get through. I was out of practice and not used to that heat like I was before. So I have to go a few times a week like before.

Day 56 Thursday September 29:
 80min. Hot Yoga

Love Kasey

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