Thursday, October 21, 2010

Down Again... what?!?!?! (MashaAllah)

So as my usual morning routine I got on the scale this morning...expecting no change since I had lost 2 pounds yesterday! (I was actually checking that it stayed) but... to my surprise I was down ANOTHER pound!

 This is the KEY...

Healthy Eating + Exercise + Happy & Positive Attitude = SUCCESS and WEIGHT-LOSS!

Since I came back from UAE I am:

DOWN 17 POUNDS!!! MashaAllah! 

I still have more I want to lose but I was so surprised! This HEALTHY EATING and NOT starving stuff REALLY works!!! Wow! Now, I wake up and look forward to eating a yummy, healthy, and FILLING breakfast. I make my breakfast NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED, including whole grain carbs of some type, some protein, and some fats (which we need), and coffee of course. I try to make my breakfast the first thing I do and the biggest meal of the day.


Wake up...have a coffee, starve all day...lacking nutrients, crabby because I am hungry but scared to eat anything thinking I will get fat....only to crash after all my exercise, which lead to eating goodies late at night!Causing the under-nourished, hard to lose weight and yo-yo weight effect!
Hard on the body & mind!  <---- Sooo WRONG!


Wake up, look forward to a yummy, healthy, filling breakfast anddd a coffee...leading to a good mood, MORE weight-loss, NEVER feeling hungry and always satisfied. I even eat the goodies I crave in small amounts and STILL LOSE! It is amazing. Then I have snacks and a yummy lunch and dinner and some more snacks. Now I look way fresher, fitter, I have way more energy to bun those calories, I am a happier, I am EVEN working out myself breaks my body NEEDS to regenerate when before I was breaking it down. So this is the new me!

The smarter, wiser me (who learned the hard way and glad that is over) I have found something that works and it is EASY...and non-restrictive.  <----- Soooo RIGHT! 

BIG MOTIVATOR:  My heart rate monitor/watch "The SUUNTO" is a HUGE motivator for me. I put it on for all my classes and walks and I push myself harder each class to see if I can out-do the last time. Lift my knees higher, never stop and just keep going, punch and kick higher and harder, whatever it takes. And it is fun and rewarding! I definitely say to all "GO GET ONE"

Just wanted to give you guys some ideas on how to do it right, I learned the hard way, but you have to do it wrong to realize what is right!

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. Soo happy for you Kasey, mashaAllah--You are an inspiration! I need to get back on track, I am gaining, but things are so crazy here. Khiran InshaAllah.

  2. Ohh have the tools and you will be successful InshaAllah!...just get everything calmed down and we will be hearing the same! :) Love you.
    Thanks Zein! How have you been?

  3. Happy to know about your successful weight loss in the positive way...keep it up and all the best inshallah :)

  4. Wow Kasey mashaAllah that's great!! It's soo true about the food + positive attitude!! Hey how come you're never on FB anymore :-(

  5. Ohh thanks Moon and Aalia...I am never on FB anymore because for some reason it doesn't work on my computer! :( So I was checking it on my DHs phone...then he got a new one and he doesn't want me to scratch it LOL, but I have not asked...and then I only check at my Mom's :( I need a new way to get on I miss it so much! Are you in Vancouver yet Aalia?

  6. I gained weight after starving myself for three months :( ... I cut of carbs and basically starved myself. and it shocked me to see that I ended up having to lose double the amount I initially had to. As soon as I went back to my regular eating habit but a more healthier version (no junk/chocolates..etc) I began to lose weight! lovely!

  7. "H" I know! I mean we think it will work and it may initially but it is a set-up for disaster when it comes down to it. I mean now that I learned the correct way I will never do that to myself again! Now that I am eating well and balanced...everything has changed for me. We need good food to maintain ourselves. Fats even make hormones and we need those...and so many other things. I am never starving myself again...never not even cutting out a certain category. This is the most successful I have been. I mean I fasted (lemonade diet) before and lost fast but once you start eating normally it comes back. So unless you starve and become anorexic which is a disease and do it is not a quick fix...and then you look terrible...your hair, you are puffy and your skin. It is bad for you and your heart too. I have never been anorexic Thank God but I have done a lot bad "diets" Not anymore :) And with eating healthy you can STILLLL lose fast...u don't have to wait a whole week to see a pound off...and it is better for you :)

  8. Well I KNEW the correct way all along but I was scared to eat THAT took courage :) So now I know from experience.

  9. "FAT MAKES HORMONES" goodness we just tend to forget this when it comes to diet and screw our bodies afterward

  10. Yah me need fats to regulate and make our yah we mess it all up on our silly "diets" BEST thing...healthy eating for EVERYDAY plan and balanced in alllll the areas (carbs/fats/protein" and we should be fine :)

    We need all those things. Simple rule:
    50% of our daily calories should be carbohydrates, 20% of calories whould be from Proteins and 30% should be from fats.

    Check out and log your food in and you will really learn a lot. I will look for that info on the fats and I will post it.

  11. Ohh and when I was eating low fat and loowwwwww calories and "starvation" diet practically...I was so crabby and mood-swings and just everything...NO messes with your I am feeling GREAT plays a HUGE role in our well-being and happiness...think of it as our fuel to function and be our optimal self. Just moderation is key and we are supposed to follow our craving because it is what our bodies need...we also need SALT believe that or not! All these things regulate things inside us. So I still have my tiny donut here and there and I am still losing fast :)