Saturday, October 2, 2010

My NEW Amazing program!

I have mentioned this "New Thing" that I started doing. Well it is "Spark People" and I am hooked on it. It is so fun! I had joined years ago and kept getting messages in my inbox and deleting them. Then a few days ago I was like "Ohhh let me see what this is all about" and now look at me. I am totally loving it, and totally addicted! LOL.

So I went on and made a NEW PROFILE. This place is it is JUST what I was LOOKING FOR! I mean, I am so excited about it. It has been a few days and I already notice a huge difference in myself. So basically you log in whenever, several times a day and there is a "Nutrition Log" and a "Fitness Log" and "Weight & Measurements" and it is like a whole program. You just log it all in...journal...share with friends who are doing the same thing. 

You put in your information and it calculates your ideal ranges of calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, and many other nutrients that you need to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight by a certain date, and it guides you how to get to your goal. It is an online food journal and you enter everything you eat, log your cups of water, and many other things. 

I could type a lot of stuff about it...but you really have to log in to see what it is all about. It is a fun challenge. Now I am eating properly and healthy...before I was practically starving all day and drinking coffee...and then I would get crabby and unhappy, then after working out sooo much, I would come home in the night and eat the wrong things at the wrong time. So now, with "Spark People" I am very aware of what I am eating. My body is not starving and it is fun to see everything. Makes you so much more conscious of your eating habits and makes it easier to refuse the unhealthy food, because it will be on your log and you don't want that lol. So anyways you just have to try it. It will change your life. I feel healthier, I lost a bit more, and I have way more energy to work out to my potential.

The really nice thing about it, is that it makes reports for you everyday on many things. After I run my report I don't eat anything else at night, just water :D When you place your measurements and weight, there are reports to show the line "decending into skinniness" which is motivating because you want to see that line go down and not up again :) It STARES at you right in the face, which I find is what works for me!

So now I am HOOKED on "SparkPeople" and it is the tool ANY of us need to be healthy, maintain weight and/or lose as well as have fun! There are lots of articles to read and a great community. I have several friends already signed up and we can share our logs and progress as we go along which is so helpful. TRY IT!

Loove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. I am so happy to see you doing things the right way, you were hurting your body so badly-no wonder you were feeling crappy! I would bet that you will lose even faster now that your body has what it NEEDS, it wont mind letting go what it doesnt. InshaAllah I should be active within the next weeks, but things are crazy here! Stay strong!

  2. Yah I already notice :) Thanks UmmRania :)

  3. Congrats! and thanks for sharing!